3 months premature! Which Starsign am I?

  • Hi, I am interested in knowing your feedback on this subject. If a person was premature at birth, eg was supposed to be a Pisces but was born 3 months premature and born under Capricorn...which would you say is the correct Starsign?


  • Hi FairyDazzle,

    I am not an astrologer, but everything I’ve ever heard or read says that you ALWAYS use your exact Birth time/date/place. Since your birth was premature, I would still do a chart for your supposed due date BUT unlike the influence of your sun, moon and rising signs, it would only have a slight influence.

    As an example, my husband was an induced birth which put him just before Capricorn. We sort of consider him a “cusp” because he exhibits such a marvelous combination of Sag and Cap (even has a Capricorn moon) that our supposed relationship should not have worked out. We just celebrated our 39th anniversary last month, and the 40th anniversary of the day we met this week.

    It should always be remembered that people are ALWAYS the combination of what the stars and planets suggest PLUS all our life experiences rolled into one.

    In Love and Light,


  • I think it goes with your actual birth date, regardless you are premature or not

    it's true that you supposed to be born at a later date, but you were not

    not sure about complete birth chart but sun sign most likely go with actual date

  • Hi all!

    Ive actually wondered alot about this issue of having been born premature. I was a 7th month baby....and i cant help but wonder what i must be missing that would have developed those last 2 months. Then i waffle with I have always just been ahead of my time...but that seems trite. There is research out there only in regard to infant mortality rates of premies, no wholelife span studies etc. This could also just be me trying to grasp at straws as to a feeling of not being complete or whole that attempts at spiritual growth have not fulfilled, Its not so much a void I think as....IM JUST NOT READY YET! then there is the Im just impatient theory of mine, or the its a miracle you are alive theory and just try to recognize grace......YIKES! any others premies out there think about this stuff???

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