Zodiac Compatibility for Capricorn & Leo

  • Hello! What are your thoughts on the compatibility for these 2 starsigns? Capricorn female and Leo male? Many thanks in advance.

  • I am leo with scorp rising married to cap male. this is the first relationship where I felt secure, being an earth sign he is steady and not much can shake his world. he is also practical, goal oriented and cunning to certain degree. I like a man who actively goes after his dream and know how to navigate his way through obstacles other people created. he is definitely this man. well he was my 'goal' and I got him lol

    not sure about cap female and leo male. due to my rising (I was told that it balances me out) I don't really fit many leo descriptions. I don't find leo males attractive either, but they could be fun to be friends with. the thing I can't keep up with is their pride, good thing they have generosity, ambition and brain to make up for it. but yeah if they snap I certainly snap back. I could probably blame my rising for being cold, but yeah what can I do about it right?

    I've never heard this combo either, but since being a Cap female you can be quite emotional, I would suggest not to go with it. I'm sure as a leo he knows how to cheer you up and I heard they are good in bed too. but in their darkest moments I don't know how you can handle their temper without being hurt by it. Whatever their rising is, leos are prone to temper tantrum and the males never (seem to) be lack of suitors. basically they know if they lose you, they will get another. they don't necessarily two-timing you though. because unlike Libra who falls in love with love, Leo males definitely love themselves to the point it's not healthy anymore.

    anyway I've said enough scary things lol just compare what I said and what you see in him. then let your heart decides.

  • I am a Cap who was married to a Leo male for 21yrs and although it wasn't always champagne and roses it was an adventure to say the least. What I most loved about my husband is that he loved home and invested a lot of his time making sure his kingdom lived up to his high standards. He also was very kind and well liked by everyone he came in contact with. He was also loyal but could lie his way out of a paper bag. His only downfall however, was that he stayed incarcerated the majority of his adult life and several years of our marriage. I could have walked away from him but it was extremely hard to do because he had a way of making me feel safe and protected. He wasn't a bad person just someone who made bad decisions. He passed away in 2007 and I miss him terribly. I mostly miss his sense of humor, he could make me laugh at the drop of a hat!

  • hi casper I'm guessing it's his temper that got him into trouble. they may not pour all temper tantrum at home if they already do so outside. sometimes they also jump into things not thinking, that's just how leos are. I can imagine he loves his home. they seem close to their family, I don't feel that close to mine but I do think of them a lot. when it comes to my husband though, because I love him so, there is no limit of what I would do for him.

    sorry for your loss.

  • FairyDazzle: (gosh i hope you're not in virginia beach!)

    I literally JUST got out of the leo (him) cap (me) relationship. I'm a cap/leo/leo...just wanted to mention that tid bit.



    3. THE SEX...OMG, the sex...

    4. He became my best friend overnight and we were literally inseparable. We met his entire family within a week....and definitely rushed into stuff. And no, were not teenagers...we're both 30....and apparently very immature.

    5. I will, for the rest of my life, be EXTREMELY skeptical of leos...so with that here's my advice:

    Don't rush

    Do NOT NOT NOT be available 24.7 no matter how FUN it is....he'll probably ask you to do stuff nonstop - DON'T do it if you want it to last. The second YOU become predictable he'll internally be put off by it...

    He's probably really into you...and he's probably reeaaally good-looking. Don't sweat it when he goes out with friends ---even if they're girls. He's probably even slept with some of them...but he's 100% loyal TO YOU. Don't let any insecurity control your actions...he'll hate the way you act AND consider you clingy. One thing any leo cannot stand is a stage-five clinger....

  • Aqua(me) He was Leo. The man loves to take control and enjoy taking care home. That's the type of Leo I was involved with. It did not work because he was a workalic and I really never did get to see him. But, they are very nice and giving people. They are also sneeky.

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