Celtic Cross Spread Interpretation

  • Hello, I am a new member! I do Tarot on a regular basis for myself and for my family, but I would like some 'outer' guidance on what this particular Celtic Cross spread means....the question revolves around 'Tell me of any changes that will come, surrounding my love life....' I also asked within a time frame of 2 weeks, if this makes a difference! The cards are as follows; I may have cards in different positions, I know we all do the CC spread differently to others, so I have labelled the position of each card in brackets! I used the Gilded Tarot deck. Thanks x

    1. My Significator

    2. Queen of Swords (Covering)

    3. Ace of Cups (Crossing)

    4. Two of Cups (Above Me)

    5. The World (Below/Foundation)

    6. The Star (Passing Out)

    7. The Sun (Future)

    8. The Empress (How I See Myself)

    9. Nine of Wands (Environment)

    10. Seven of Wands (Hopes/Fears)

    11. Ten of Cups (Outcome)

    Thanks in advance, I would really appreciate your interpretations surrounding this spread.

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