Urgent interprtetation.

  • yeah, makes me feel good too for those lucky ones. Just wish I could see the light at the end of the tunnel for me ... 😞

  • Oh dont worry you will...

  • thanks a lot cris, it feels enlightening!

    he is 5 yrs younger to me, i am 1 march 77, 5 57 pm..he is 6 jan 82, 6 26 pm

    his father passed away 10 yrs ago, his uncle n grandfather too r no more

    his mom who lives here, 5 hours away from him, his elder married sister in usa, his elder married brother in australia.

    he told me wht his family thought was his sister in usa will find a girl in accordance with his mother in usa so that he can shift to usa by an arranged marriage.

    he keeps going to usa for 3 mnths etc , first visit in 2007 n now second visit as a visitor,

    i m planning to go to usa by next few mnths, doing my medicine.md. over thr.ill b thr for next three yrs or so..

    we both r from india, he is an engineer,only his mother is over here.

    i don't exactly know who in his family has a strong grip on him, his mom or sis, n what they will do

    i really love him, and i find we r very compatible thats y i want to spend my life with him.

  • Hello Doves,

    I was wondering if what i told you has been working out for you or not? Other then that just seeing if all is well with you.


  • Hi BW,

    Thank you very much about my grandson. I love that little man!

    I think one of the reasons for some of the dreams are the circumstances while I was pregnant with my daughter and her circumstances when she was pregnant with her son. It was a, "You're pregnant?... See ya!" thing for both of us with someone we had been dating for a fair amount of time. I had to move in with my parents, she moved back in with me and my present husband of fifteen years. It brought all of those buried memories back to the surface.

    Thanks for your well wishes. I will be fine.

    I am looking for a guided meditation cd and working on that forgiveness again. 🙂

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