Help I am so confused and not about the usual issue

  • So tonight an old boyfriend (we broke up 5 years ago) we have been just friends for the last 3 or 4. When we broke up I was completely devastated. He literally just vanished for my life no phone call no nothing. But I figured once i got over the hurt we could be friends so we have been. He tells me tonight that he stopped seeing other women I am his soulmate and he would drive to China for me and other things like that. But the problem is I am not interested in him that way and honestly after the way he broke my heart I never will be ever again. I have told him this but I dont know where this is coming from.

    As I have mentioned before i do not believe in soulmates. I had a reading where I was told my soulmate is in his 30's brown hair and hazel eyes and thats his description. But I do not love him (that description also describes two ex boyfriends as well). I dont want to hurt him nor do i want to create bad karma, Can anyone pick up on something I am missing? My heart just isnt there but what if ? Any advice and in addition to all of this I am in no way ready to date anyone right now

  • Can you be friends with him? It may be nice to have someone around you that loves you so much while you are dealing with your pain from the last ex. Its okay to be honest with him and let him know you are not in love with him but you would be intrested in starting a friendship to see if there is anything there.

  • Right now I strongly doubt he would want to be friends. But I feel like if he doesnt want to our friendship is something I have to let go of because my heart just isn't there and honestly I don't think it ever will be again.

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