Can u tell me if im pregnant?

  • i was told that psychics can tell u if ur pregnant or not is this true if so it would be very gratefull!xxxxx

  • Ive never met oné who can. Only one is ur doc n bloodwork. so get over ya self n go to a doc, by the way they have oath of silence.!

  • Yepp, many psychics can. Even if they dont even meet the woman or look at her. All they need to do is feel the woman, and then they feel the baby too, if it is there.

  • thankyou thehangedwomen that helps alot!!!! and bente stocker theres no harm in asking a question!!!!

  • Yes, the one I know could even tell the gender of the baby. In this case he did meet the woman. He just took one glance at her and told his friend: Mate, your wife is pregnant, and it is a boy. His mate were surprises, cause neither of them had thought about it even. She didnt know herself. Then nine months later she got a baby boy.

  • I never said it was wrong to ask. Lemmi explain, I dont like pregnant questions because i hate to be wrong. Lets say hypothetically you asked it and you fear you are and i said you are pregnant. you go to doc to get it checked and he she says u aint. Who do u blame for false information? me thats who.

    Another scenario, you feel you are pregnant and i say u aint, the doc says u are, who again do u blame for false information? Me thats who!

    Such questions just gets me antsy because i hate to disappoint and hurt people. is why i say i prefer you get a doc to do the blood work. I mean he she has studied for ages and has the diploma and know how. I dont.

    As said i dont know any psychic who can say wether pregnant or not. By it i dont say some psychic actually can. I just want you to seriously not be scared to see a doc to get your suspicions of a pregnancy confirmed. Docs has oath of silence. No one else is to knwo what goes on at that session. Lawbinding.

    Further you asked and i answered as short as i could. I apologize if u got pissed, but ive met too many who asks like you and useal its out of fear that the doctor will rat to fam and friends. further that what they feel pregnant aint a pregnancy but something worse. Like cysts of cancer or worse. Besides 4 me to look deep i+d need a real name city n country u live in. Even then i dont feel comfortable to reply such.

    I advice as i have in past when posed this particular question, get urself to a doc and get the blood work done. Most secure way as even the do it urself test sticks aint 100% accurate.

    I hope you now understand my initial reply which aint hurtful just short and to the point. Blunt.!

  • I understand your reply BenteStoker, and agree with your responce. Psychics are only human beings, too.

  • yes i do understand bentstocker and thank you for explaining much appreciated

  • Thank you hanged woman. Youre welcome sweet tylor

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