• I'm a Capricorn..born 01-06-1949.. birth time 3:11PM..I'm a Psychic,Astrologer and a Hypnotherapist..

    Caprocrns are leaders..a mentalist at heart..A true lover, honest and love nature and all living things..We give from our hearts.. We give respect and have to have it back .. We are there with a open mind and really a conscelor and help all with advise.. Capricorn had to grow up at a early age.. We are old souls..Hard working and live in peace.. I have found my gift thur God and only thur him..I live thur only posative and reject the neglective.. All as to learn to push out the neglective..When a bad thought comes thur, put mind on somethings pleasent aor good merories and mind will be lifted to good.. Only good come from god and bad from the darkness.. I'm a strong woman and hold my head high or I am loved by god and if you feel you are not loved.. You are loved you just need to know god loves you... I'm proud to be a Capricorn lady and and will live a long life. For Capricorns look younger as the years pastes.. Capricorns find peace thur self respect.. So here I strand in front of you to say .. Stay up and be proud of yourself.. you got to love self first to be loved.. This Capricorn so sure footed and will reach the top for I'll never stop growning and being the best.. By the way I'm 60 years old and you can see I'm a Capricorn woman..

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