Reading request

  • I have been unemployed for 8 months, I just recenlty started looking any predictions as to when I will start working and any tips on how to attract employment. Thanks in advance for your anticipated responses

  • Hi Jadink,

    My skills aren't ready to do readings for others however I hope I have a few words of encouragement for you. I found reading the Law of Attraction & other books which help you with the idea of positive affirmations to help me in all aspects of my life. I feel better about myself which seems to have brought positive energy & good things into my life. I'm able to see solutions where I saw none before. The basic idea is that positive thoughts bring you positive energy & attract positive things into your life. I know from my own experiences that to be positive when facing life's challenges over time can be difficult but give it a try. Once you focus on yourself, everything will fall into place as it is meant to be.

    Love & laughter to you


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