Is this a good combination of signs for two people to be together?

  • -Me-

    Sun: Aries

    Moon: Scorpio

    Venus: Pisces

    Mars: Gemini

    Mercury: Aries

    Jupiter: Aries

    Saturn: Sagittarius

    Uranus: Sagittarius

    Neptune: Capricorn

    Pluto: Scorpio

    Rising: Pisces


    Sun: Gemini

    Moon: Taurus

    Venus: Taurus

    Mars: Cancer

    Mercury: Cancer

    Jupiter: Aquarius

    Saturn: Scorpio

    Uranus: Sagittarius

    Neptune: Capricorn

    Pluto: Scorpio

    Rising: n/a

    I do know astrology well, but not well enough to know if its a fatal attraction or a match made in heaven.

  • try one of the sites that offer compatibility report. this may help, but bottom line is what ever is suppose to be--will be.

    the tarot spreads offered at tarot. com are also helpful. been doing this myself searching for the truth.

    i wish you luck my friend!! don't give up

  • HM, all I have to say is sometimes two people can be too different to even compliment eachother.

    I have sun in pisces, moon in gemini and my rising sign is aquarius.

    He has his sun in capricorn, moon in sagittarius, and his rising sign is aries.

    we dont get along. Our communication.. sucks. and he will never understand where im coming from. We were together for 4 years on and off.

    Finally, its over because i just plain dont like his personality. I'm VERY sensitive and emotional.

    he.. well... seems as though he has no emotion and cant understand feelings.

    I think that in order for two people to actually understand eachother fully, they should at least have the same element or sign for their sun or moon.

    Because from this relationship, he has earth and fire, im water and air.

    Its sad because we'll never understand eachother.

    so for you arieschic, is this an acqaintance or someone youre dating now??

  • Its actually one of my closest friends, who has been trying to get with me for the last 6 years on and off, but life just keeps getting in the way.

    Its just that I swear I know him like the back of my hands and then poof he changes on me, I think that has to do with his gemini and cancer tendencies roll into one persona. Then add the taurus in the mix and its not really like he is a true gemini at times.

    But on the other hand, we get along so well, which has to do with our similar thinking and ability to just let some stuff roll off our backs and joke, a lot. I'm just not sure if jumping in to something with him would be a good thing or something that I should avoid altogether.

  • From what I've seen, Aries seems to be the only sign that is fiery, fun, and exciting enough for Gemini. In the situations I've witnessed Aries seems to drive Gemini absolutely WILD.... And although ur moons are supposedly opposites, there is supposedly an intense sexual attraction between them, and they share many things in common. Your venus is said to be highly compatible "a matched made in heaven" sort to I'd say, the stars are on your side. Good Luck!

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