Help ! especially from cancer sign women

  • hi. id like to tell my story first, ive broken up with my cancer sign girlfriend just a few days ago. she told a lie and made me feel like stupid. all of them happened to me when her former lover started to appear. she started to treat me very distant and cold as if she had no feelings for me. our relationship was so serios that my family knows her. when i noticed that she told me a lie about her lover, and understood the reason of that cold behavior towards me, i tried to make her empathize with me and i said that i cant trust you anymore. i did my utmost in order to stay calm but i was too angry. before i forget, im sag guy. then she said : it is not your fault, it is my mistake. but i did force myself in order to continue our relationship and it was difficult for me to be with you bla bla bla.. then she typed that she feels sorry for me and apoligized for this attitude. then after a few hours my nervousness calmed down a lil bit.. it seems to me that when her former lover appeared, she thought that he is better from me or maybe even though we are in a relationship, she have yet to forgotten him.. after a few days, she sent me a message that hi how r u ? and i didnt answer her message. now i cant decide what to do. i cant fit this situation to my honor therefore i can`t forgive her. but im still loving her.. help plz.

  • and now i dont know whether if they r in a new relationship or not. this is very suspicious situation for me..

  • You are in love with what you hope this girl is like, not what her behaviour to you shows she is. You have to stop living in a fantasy or else you will not see when a more compatible partner is standing right in front of you.

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