Cancer female left me (Pisces)

  • My cancer now ex girlfriend decided to end things this passing Sunday, around when the super moon was reaching its peak I suppose. We have been a little rocky lately because I've been high strung over my job the last two weeks and very insecure in general. In a way I started forecasting my insecurities onto my now ex saying things like "she'll eventually leave me, she'll probably find someone else if she didn't already" and unfortunately stuff like that. I get very somber and self pity when work stresses me out and being my ex was always extremely supportive of me it just became to easy to be a crybaby around her. Thing is, she would bottle the emotions up and hide how much me being negative upset her but I could always read her and try and get her to open which she wouldn't. Even last Friday morning/afternoon we spoke and she was telling me she doesn't want us to stress anymore, bicker anymore and to just be happy. She spoke of feeling inadequate in the relationship because she felt like she wouldn't always be good enough for her and is scared I'd leave her but that she needs to just shake the feeling and be happy with me. Saturday was normal but somewhat off then Saturday night she started acting unsure then finally Sunday she said she couldn't do it anymore. That she wants me but can't be in a relationship because it's becoming too much to emotionally handle and too much of me always doubting her wanting to be with me (what i mentioned earlier). I expressed every emotion possible. How much I love her, how much she knows I support her and how sorry I am for how i've been acting and that I don't expect her to forget but to hopefully forgive me and move forward. She coldly just said to respect her decision and I haven't heard from her Monday or Tuesday, aside from her looking at my public snapchats.

    So is she gone for good or is this a product of her being over emotional because of the full moon? I'm not sure of her chart but she's retreated into her "shell" twice before where I had to get her back out but this seems more serious. I'm giving her space and not bothering her now but I do hope there's something I can do to help smooth this over and get her back because even while we go through rocky situations we still are obviously crazy and perfect together. She claims that i'm the only person she can say that she has honestly been in love with but it just seems like now she doesn't care.

    Thanks for reading to anybody who does.

  • Hmm, two insecure people together doesn't make for the best relationship. Instead of waiting for your ex to come round, why not try working through your own insecurities, that were half the problem here? A strong confident and supportive partner is just what your ex needs in order to help fight her own fears.

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