Would someone kindly do me a general reading

  • There have a been many changes in my life lately, from family to work to love. May I have a general reading please?

    Thank you,


  • I will! Will be back...

  • Thank you. Looking forward to reading it.

  • I did a tarot reading. Let me meditate on it and will be back.

  • flowersareours, I feel like you have a lot of dreams and ideas that you'd like to put forward. You give, prob to the wrong types. Someone in past position that refuses--feel like this is a relationship. Unfulfilled dreams. I feel like there was some change at work recently. Knight of swords crowning 5 of wands speaks to the need for cutting thru, verbal communication, CHANGE. I read it as change needed. Something that's unexpected that you were perhaps unprepared for. You have trouble speaking your truth. Page of swords is blocked. Sometimes you let others chart the way only because you are afraid of risk. Understandable. In the advice position I drew the tower. Change is inevitable, so accept that. Are you thinking of changing locations./career. You want to hang onto what you have but given thought to change of location possibly. Haven't always used the best judgment--judgment is reversed in outcome position. That's what reading is all about. 6 of wands in foundation is a very good placement. I feel like you know how to chart your course and can come-out ahead. I think you perhaps need to take the lead or charge more than you have. Hanged man reversed in assoc/friends position tells me that your assoc. can take charge although they don't come across this way and perhaps hamper your progress because you like to give. Think of yourself more and your progress. You have the ability to come out ahead. There is dysfunction in the mix-you can only do so much. Change can be to your advantage given a plan and action.

  • Thank you for the reading. 5 months ago I changed continent and I left my husband. A close family member passed over...I was unprepared for this. I've been having problems with another family member as a result of the death. Someone greedy who is out for money and is trying to thwart me. I am starting afresh with my life and my business. I did briefly start dating a new man. We met online and messaged for quite a while first, and it was very nice. But because I'm out of practise and have been going through some trauma, when we met up in person I was closed and guarded and, yes, probably afraid. I was not my authentic self at all. I did not communicate my truth to him. He, on the other hand, was nice and open. I think we were a very good match, but he disappeared just as I realised what I was conveying with my behaviour. He is on my mind a lot. Would you mind going in deeper with him, please? His initials are DW. He may be the one you picked up on at the beginning of the reading.

  • I'll respond later busy right now. Give me couple days.

  • OK thank you.

  • flowersareours, Sometimes you gotta let change happen. Friends and assoc. have their own issues. Putting YOUR best foot forward will help. Financially--a little at a time until you feel comfortable. This reading is about not always making the right judgment in regards to relationships. Not stating what you need and perhaps helping others when you need to concentrate more on yourself. Change is imminent so let it happen. Hard reality cuts thru dreams--knight of swords crowning, star in situation.

    Look these cards up, this is what I drew:

    4 of cups past

    star in situation

    5 of wands present

    6 of wands in foundation

    7 of coins in challenges

    2 of coins in future

    page of swords rev in blocks--I read this as you not stating your truth

    friends/assoc--hanged man rev


    outcome--judgment rev

  • Thank you very much for getting back to me. I haven’t only been letting change happen, I’ve been instigating it. I am the one who decided to end my marriage. I decided to move to a different continent. Plus, a lot of personal growth...slowly but surely.

    Did you draw the exact same cards a second time? I looked up the individual cards of that reading the first time. That was a general reading, but I was hoping to find out more about the man I mentioned. I understand he is doing his own thing now – whatever that may be – and that my judgment and communication with him were poor. I was hoping to get confirmation of whether our paths would cross again in the future. What I feel, and the strong (amazing) signs I’ve been getting, is that I need to use this time for my own personal growth, and when I am ready and have learned what I need to learn, he will come back into my life.

  • I was looking over your post. What I got from your reading is....are you really ready for this.

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