Should I..turn away and never look back

  • I met a man a little over a year and although our relationship was suppose to be casual we fell in love. Our bond became very strong, we shared our lives daily. I'd even go as far as to say we could feel one another. Well when it got too serious and I wanted what he wasn't ready to give and we ended things... well almost. At first it seemed that we ended but still cared for one another and then, then we talked less, he answered me less but somehow on some level I still felt his presence. After a couple months apart we still see each other here and there but he's weird afterward. I can't figure this Virgo out. I'm okay with just friends or nothing at all but how can the connection be so strong..than not for him?

  • Many relationships are meant to be quality - but not quantity - relationships that teach us what we need to learn, then end.

  • Thank you TheCaptain. This is hard from me since I vowed to be so careful this time around. You gave me the answer I needed.

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