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  • I have so much going on my plate, too much to do, worried about the future of my business and my move. Feeling stressed out hoping this time someone would actually give me a reading. I had post 2 other times first time someone posted anothers reading and 2nd no responses once so ever since then. Thank you

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  • Most of my life I have been fascinated by the readings of many different kinds, and to many different levels, including channeling. I'm convinced that none of it will tell me anything I don't already know or have the ability to know, and the practitioners, in general, are good psychotherapists, and usually sensitive. I have learned so much about myself and what I was doing or how I was doing it in those sessions. Your observation that your first reader had a lot of books on psychology is excellent, as most readers or counselors are using some kind of rule-of-thumb to get the conversation started.

    The issue that most people have with it is their expectations in that many people are expecting a solution or a revelation to be presented, usually related to what someone else is or is not doing. That is the wrong road and a non-starter for a story about your life as you are living it now. What the story does is actually project in some way (some call it clarifying your intentions) to set way to go on. It is a way of thinking, which is difficult for most people who are having a problem, or, indeed, even if you are not having a problem. It is worth taking stock now and then just to check if you are fooling yourself or what your intent might be.

    Best from mystic essay expert.

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