Captain please.

  • Hello Captain, i hope o find you doing well.

    Alot has changed in my life. Im scared for the future, i dont want to break my little.girls heart. Her father and i can not carry on this dysfunctional life we created together. His little girl from a previous relationship has been seen a therapusy since she was 6 years old now 13, and i dont want my daughter to ens up living the same way. Im financially able to keep a stable home, but i need guidance to maune decrease my fears, as i know i will have to make changes, move to a better safer area,. I will be seeking therapy again, im know I am so impulsive, and too immature to deal with with the challenges this relationship brings to the table. We cant go back from what has recently happen...

    Can you please help me Captain,

    How can i male this a smooth transition...


  • You can make sure your little girl doesn't feel unloved by either you or your partner, even though you separate. Make sure she knows it isn't her fault that you are parting. Allow her plenty of access to her father too and never criticize him in front of her. Don't worry - children are far more adaptable than us adults.

  • Thank you Captain,

    I intend to be fair with her father. I sure dont plan on being spiteful like his ez with there daughter, which is what i cant handle between them two. Everythiing has to go her way, but yet shes flexible when hes around the ex AND the daughter together. I cant handle that. Im around plenty of people wjom need to co parent, but my husband doesnt co parent, she lets him be around them at her convenience, im so full of anger, im so hurt, that i ended up in this situation, and now my daughter will have mommy and daddy apart. Why coildnt things be more normal with his ex, and he be more.... respectful of boundaries to protect his rights as a father and respect me.

    Captain, when amd if you have sometone, ca ii get a mini outlook for the rest of 2017. DOB 1/26/1981

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  • Thank you Moonalisa.

    Gosh, i realy need check my typos before posting.. sorry!

  • ST, 2017 for you is a new beginning, a whole new chapter of your life. And you need to approach it this way. Put old ways, attitudes and past failures or disappointments behind you now and start afresh with a clean slate. The year ahead will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, and new opportunities - particularly related to career, social life, and creativity - will emerge. You may at times feel called to stand on your own this year, and your creativity and inventiveness will be at their peak. It can be a somewhat lonely year with the feeling that a lot rests on your shoulders and only you can get it done - without help from others. But you must believe you can succeed and begin over this year, no matter what the last few years have been like. 2017 is going to be devoted to achievement in the material world and achieving your goals with organization, creativity, and endurance. Get ready for a high-intensity year. Watch, however, for impulsiveness and rash emotionally-driven decision making in 2017. Don’t waste it with frivolous activities or useless relationships. This is a year of action and a time to follow opportunities that will come your way. You will likely feel a sense of renewed energy at this time. It is OK to be a little selfish in 2017. Take time for introspection, as it will add to your clarity and sense of direction. This is definitely a time to have courage, make plans, and avoid indecision. It is a time of work, as you are laying new foundations, and opening up to new opportunities. Avoid being impulsive or headstrong as I said, yet be willing to change for the sake of your own personal progress and happiness. This is an auspicious time to begin new relationships and make new connections for personal or business reasons. The seeds you plant now, you will reap later. Others might find you less sociable, as you will be busier than ever and you will tend to focus on your activities and your needs. Still, you will still be outgoing and your initiative will be stronger than ever now. Advice - stand alone, take action, start fresh, and express your independence. Next year will be an ‘Us’ year as opposed to this year of ‘just you’. 2018 will focus on relationships of all kinds.

    This year is a time for new beginnings, and you may see this reflected in any or every area of your life; a new haircut or makeover, an exciting new job offer or promotion, a new relationship, new commitments, a new home or a brand-new health regime – anything is possible. Perhaps life will offer you a complete change of life, with the chance to walk down a new path, or purposefully head off in a different direction. This year your attitude towards life can radically shift so that everything appears new and fresh. In 2017, you may feel inexplicably excited. This is because a whole new cycle lies ahead and you are right at the beginning of it. In order to make the most of these new opportunities, there might be a period of decay where situations seem to break down and get worse for a while; this is a ‘healing crisis’ where all the muck needs to come out in order to cleanse and clear, so you can be left glowing and healthier. Endurance is needed. Perhaps you may also experience a temporary loss of direction, as your subconscious is processing where and what you need to do next. During this period, you may feel particularly influenced to follow others in their direction, particularly if they are strong characters, but be very honest with yourself about your needs before you take any action. For example, perhaps your partner wants you both to move house immediately, but you don’t, so you need to speak up and, if appropriate, arrive at a happy compromise. There is a saying, ‘he/she who dares wins’, and this year putting yourself out there and getting more deeply involved with life can be both fruitful and fulfilling. Complacency may set in if you set unrealistic goals which, like New Year’s resolutions, suddenly fly out of the window with the first breeze. A positive mind will help you glide through any challenges that stop you attaining your goals, and it will probably be only you who creates major obstacles in the way of your success during this year. 2017 will see you working with issues around your independence; whether this is financial or material, or wanting emotional detachment, you will find out. Perhaps you are too fiercely independent already and need to learn to reach out and join in with a partner, family or friends. However, the year is asking you to step forward on your own and for yourself, so that you can grow stronger and be strong for others. There may be issues around self-worth this year, and embarking upon a personal development course, consulting a life coach or reading self-help books can give you some guidance about how to resolve these. It’s a great time for intellectual development, and you may also be drawn to discover more about matters of the mind and soul.

    The key words for you this year are: new beginnings, initiatives, decisions and individuality.

  • Thank you thank you for EVERYTHING

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  • Hi Captain, im typing this whuke feeling soo tired from work. I need you to be bold with me, what on earth is reaply going on with my husband alonzo amd his ex maritza. I get so angry that i have sticked around for this long when i can't live in Peace with this man. I have dealt with abuse while he always accommodates and falls for his exs manipulation. Im working so much and pay for 90%of the house hold bills all of our daughters needs amd wants. While he fully supports his other daughter down to the T. His daughter isabella has been sick dealing with depression, last month she was admitted in to a spych facility for one week (shes 13) and i couldn't handle that my husbands would travel with his ex and i have the feeling he paid for their travel plus food expenses. I cant do this anymore, i dont plan to stick around much longer, but with a 3 year old it takes patient's snd planning to get out the right way....

    Please captain what do see

  • Your husband will always be tied to his ex in some way. His children are the bond for him to any woman. You either have to accept that or leave.

  • Does he love his ex the way he loves me?

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