Blmoon, please help. Having trouble with my brother.

  • Hello Blmoon,

    You did a reading for me last December, and so far it’s been spot-on. If possible I’d like some additional clarity, please, as I’m very concerned about a situation.

    This is the December reading:

    You said a lot: January and February would be the pits and emotionally messy. In fact, my beloved mother died. I left my home in Europe to go back to my family home in Australia to arrange the funeral and sort everything out. You said that March would be good for business. It was, and things are still improving on that front.

    I’m still in Australia and am very concerned about my brother’s unpredictable behaviour. While he was no doubt immensely saddened by the loss of our mother, he also seemed very intent from the outset on getting his hands on the money. He has shown a side that I (nor, I’m sure, my parents – both passed on now) have ever seen. He seems to have a really nasty, uncontrollable, streak in him. He becomes vindictive and doesn’t reflect before speaking and spurting venom. He is normally a very calm, quiet man. I think he has a lot of pent-up rage from the way his marriage ended, and also other things. I think he might be living beyond his means. He asked for money from the estate for a business venture, which I had decided he could have, then his behaviour became suspect and I started having doubts about the real reason he needed the money. He did not ask me directly to help him out financially because of debts. I’m concerned about what he might do. Can you give me any insight into this? Am I being too rigid, or worrying for nothing?

    You also said that it looked like I might have a new place to live in November. You said something to the effect that it wouldn't just be a roof over my head, but a dream home. I have been considering trying to buy my brother’s half of the family home. Of course, I have an appointment with a financial advisor, but could this be what you saw? I am very confused about how to proceed with the house, as I have a foot in two countries. What does Spirit say, please?

    Thank you,


  • Sorry about your mother. Although it's hard for those left it is a blessing to go home....she is happy and with so many loved ones she's waited a long time to reunite with. Family deaths bring out the best and worst in family members. It's late and I'm tired so I may have to answer this in more than one post. My first thought about your brother's behavior was he is under the influence of something. I see him on a beach and a huge wave just washes over him and he is left floundering. It's as if many things came to a head. Not just one thing. His normal calm nature is too passive for the problems he is dealing with. Something has left him feeling emasculated.......he's really very angry at himself and is clueless to where it is coming from....he misdirects his anger and it lands wherever so it's going to be hard to please him. I think you sense that already. He is used to you yet suddenly he is aware how you out man his mind. He is not in a good place and could very well waste any money right now. Specially if the self medicating vibe is right.. He's in that vibe. It doesn't mean you can fix him but you are right to not want to do anything that will make him worse. He may be at that point in ones passive life where being absent from your own life has brought you to a rock bottom of reckoning. He has a lot of buried emotions to sort through. He is losing all his places to hide. Any kind of self medicating whether it is drinking drugs or self destructive habits like overspending or gambling it is all anger, disappointment and frustration.......pointed at himself and over flowing in a way that others should be careful......when the sheet hits the fan you do not want to be in target range. In his mind he only sees lost time, lost love, lost opportunities and regrets. Right now he does not trust in happiness or dreams. On a good day he thinks up something big but it is all in his head and he just is not capable of following through. I will get back to you! Thanks for letting me know how you are doing!

  • Oh Blmoon! Every single word you wrote confirmed what I already suspected, only not to that degree. I am very worried and also afraid and saddened. I hope he doesn’t hurt himself…or me. I am also concerned because officially we are both executors of the will (even though I have done everything), so as soon as probate comes through, he will legally have a right to half the money, which should be reserved for estate expenses. Thank you so much for doing this reading, and also for offering to come back with more.

  • I should rephrase that: my brother will legally have a right to access the money, half of which he believes he can take, without any regard for the expenses of the estate.

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  • I am seeking legal advice. Blmoon, when you can, please finish this reading. The rare times my brother contacts me, I start trembling. Thank you.

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  • I got a lot going on....but you are on my mind. I want you to get a good reading. Some responses on here are easy but yours is deep and needs my best energy. I have been thinking of your brother. I assume you are under legal advice for now....because yes....the terms of preserving or selling the estate must be settled before the probate releases everything. I have invited your mother to step forward to speak to me as well.I do remember clearly hearing Spirit say you would find a HOME not just a house. Logically it does sound like keeping the HOME could make sense....but readings often defy logic! If you feel very happy there and at home and love the place or have ideas your mom would have loved to do to it then that could be good. Or spending the estate sale to buy something wonderful could be good. I need to really get clarity from Spirit. I promise to reply the moment I get a good connection. For now practice feeling safe and trust you do get good guidance! Hang in there and try to indulge your inner child with some kind of or just daydream! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much! I hope whatever you're dealing with is resolved in the best possible way. Please tell my mother how much I love her and miss her. I understand everything you've said and will wait patiently. Sending love.

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  • POST DISAPPEARED! I kept a it may appear twice

    I have some things to share. First, your mother. I did ask her to step forward if she had anything to say. I have no control over spirits. An older woman did speak up.....not sure if she is your mother but she had a very serene energy and didn't seem like someone who got ruffled much. She seemed like a person who let things play out. Could be her longevity speaking as the longer you live and learn something you tend to trust in the "wait and see" perspective. I sensed she enjoyed her privacy and was content in keeping he own company. She made sly little jokes a lot with a wise looking smile. A bit of a smart S....but an elegant one. She had a lot of progression in her life and preferred NOT to dwell on her past. She says "oh that silly girl (ninny) we will leave her in the closet. She had a presence and held her head up high. That's the vibe she gave me. She said she expected your problems with the estate. Doesn't every mother die and leave a mess she says with a laugh. Meaning, like I already mentioned it's the nature of such an event that cannot happen without shaking the family tree. She says it will work itself out and you will both settle into the change in your lives. And to pretend she is on vacation traveling the world! SHE'S FUNNY! I get that at times years ago you wished she wasn't so blaze' about everything. You had fears she brushed off. But she says....look at you! What a backbone and can do you have! She is proud of you.....she gave you room to solve things even though you felt alone. She had a different relationship with her son. He was afraid of her because he felt naked with if she always saw through him. In a positive way she held him to high standards. His issue was feeling like a man. Unfortunately, having a strong mother can make a son feel overwhelmed thinking he must be somebody. She says that was and still is his ego talking and he can choose to be his true self. I get the feeling he attached himself to superficial things trying to find his worth. He's sitting on a lot of frustration and lost time. She says now that she's gone it would be expected he misbehaves like he's free but it is without pleasure because he is also devastated at the loss. This feeds his issue of self medicating....he can not love yet be angry at her and not loath himself. If he could just be ok with emotions and accept both can be ok and true at the same time. His issue is dealing with emotions. Your issue is with fear. Luckily your fortitude eventually over rides your fears. When you are in a room with your brother you are picking up his anger. You are very sensitive in an artistic have a gift for FEELING vibes. What you can't sort out is what is your brother going to do with his far it's mostly self destructive. Anger is a big energy. Your mom said he could build something grand with it but he is blind right now to choices. You believe in choices and move on good or keep moving. Actually you got that from your mom. Your brother is stuck....can be so unable to move that he often attracts women who choose for him....and when it's bad they can be self serving and narcissist. He has been a doormat at times in a hidden way. As for your mother's must decide without fear on the table. What if your brother was fine and not an issue? You must decide under that feeling safe vibe. Never make important decisions when in fear or desperation. Your mom says you can speak to her directly as she is near....and she does little things to say hello but you must have faith in quiet little coincidences. Her little post cards of love from such a wonderful new journey! Your brother is facing some health issues that will peak in June. As for the details of the estate your mother insists it will all work out and do not borrow trouble where trouble does not exist. That's all I have for now from her perspective. Feel free to ask me more when you need. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much, Blmoon! That sure does sound like my mother! It’s difficult for me to feel safe. I am actually afraid of my brother. When he contacts me, I start trembling. His apparent total lack of empathy, meekness, then uncontrollable anger made me feel he might have psychopathic tendencies. Maybe I’m being melodramatic. Today he said he wanted to bring something up to the house, but when I asked what it was, he said it was a secret. I don’t trust him. If my brother weren’t an issue I would just live in the house and make a life for myself. I discussed this with the lawyer, but I’m not sure how amenable my brother will be to the idea. At least for now that’s what I would like to do. I’m so tired of struggling, and I feel at peace here (apart from the brother issue). I do feel very alone. I also wish I had a man to share my life with. Everything I've written is based on fear, I know. I will try to trust that it will all work out, and free myself from fear, as my mother said.

  • Are there any other details about my brother's health issues, please?

  • UHG! Post disappeared. I posted yesterday a long post. I should have copied it! I will reconnect later today. AND make a copy to re-paste if needed. You should do the same as this site has problems lately!

  • Thanks. I've copied everything now.

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