Upset about Tarot wrong info in a Feng Shui article

  • I'm really upset about the posting of a Feng Shui Article on Wealth that say some really detrimental things and could put people in real physical jeopardy if they follow these instructions. What do you all think? Here's my email to

    In your Feng Shui section for give instructions that are not only totally wrong, but doing those things can be extremely detrimental to people... you wrote... install a water fountain to keep your abundance flowing...This is really wrong their SE area (like in my home) is in a bathroom or is it's a bedroom. This could bring really bad problems. Also your article said.....Consider hanging a mirror above it to multiply the number of burners....This is really in good consciousness can you put your readers in just jeopardy. NOWHERE in Feng Shui does it say says THE TOTAL OPPOSITE!! IF anyone does this they are increasing the fire aspect in the kitchen and that could cause someone to burn down their home...How stupid and uncaring can the author of this article be???? It is crucial that you print a retraction to this ASAP. Needless to say, I'm quite upset about this!

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