Who else on here is having a horrible time with mercury retrograde?

  • I am having a terrible time when there is a mercury retrograde. I have a virgo rising and a gemini moon and a couple other planets in those signs as well. Everytime there is a merc Wretch as I like to call it, I feel like I am going insane. I cant focus on what needs to get done. Evrything I say is misunderstood and vice versa. I have problms sleeping and nothing seems to go right. I cant see things for what they are. I hate mercury retrograde. DOes anyone lse have issues like this?

  • Dear Lovinmylife,

    I don’t think there is a person alive who hasn’t been going through some kind of STUFF with Mercury retrograde. Things are likely happening but they just don’t understand why.

    1. Read Jeff Jawers Monthly Pulse

    2. Read your sun sign on Tarot.com astrological reading

    3. Read your rising sign reading

    4. Listen to Planet Pulse

    5. Put them all together adding chosen Planet Pulse Archives

    6. You should now have a real thorough understanding of a lot of the “why’s”.

    Good Luck,

    In Love and Light,


  • Good Morning! As a Virgo born 8-28 Cancer Moon and Libra rising I too am feeling disoriented during this latest Mercury Retrograde.......:-(

    I feel Like I am swimming in the pool and someone is holding my ankles but I'n still trying to swim..Can you relate??


  • I can relate I feel tangled and confused and just a mess, I am usually so sure of myself and decisive. I am struggling through everyday. I cannot focus on things that need to be done. When will this be over?

  • thanks for all your comments.

    Judee, although I read the horoscopes it really doesnt say a whole lot about mercury retrograde. Virgo and gem are mercury ruled signs and I have alot of those. To the best of my knowledg when it goes retrograde communication, technology, and travel can be tricky. Since I have so many mercury ruled signs I feel disoriented like Jessecat said.

    Jungle B I think it is over on the 28th but it takes a few days following that for things to start feeling normal.

    I dont mean to sound doomsday but If you are a virgo or gemini during one of these retrograde cycles then yes you are going to have a harder time. Like how cancers have a hard time with all the changese with the moon cycles. Luckily thiers only last a few days. ( :

    I was wondering if there were other people who feel intensly effected by these retrograde cycles. I know that I used to lock my car keys in the car during this until I became aware of when it was happening then I would be extra cautious about where my keys are.

  • Well I cannot wait until its over

  • me too

  • I've been told the problem of not sleeping is due to Pluto, not Murcury, but I also relate to the retrograde Murcury issue...no one seems to be communicating very well these days. It feels just crazy, and I have to really watch myself to keep from quickly going into reactivity when I'm misunderstood.

  • I HATE MERCURY RETROGRADE!!! Disaster.....all around me. Ugh!

  • Glad to have found this topic, so thanks, lovinmylife, for starting it.

    This is the first time I'm experiencing Mercury Retrograde with any awareness of it, so... which came first, right? That said, I've been accrediting the disorientation that seems to me to be being experienced en-masse of recent to retrograde. I have, however, been fortunate to have had more than a couple of extraordinary positive experiences during and despite it so far, so I can't say it's been "bad". I guess I would best describe my experience of it so far as that most everything feels at least a little "off kilter". I'm noticing, too, that there appears to be a somewhat common theme for some of being or feeling misunderstood --and that's never fun.

    One of my extraordinary positive experiences happened just tonight when I met an angel who did an eerily accurate and telling impromptu and unsolicited reading for me when she saw the Sag charm I wear on my necklace. Retrograde came up in conversation when she told me that things are going to get much better come October. ...and that experience led me HERE.

    I think maybe what's been helping me through it is that I've consciously chosen to step back and ride it out while I watch it do its thing--whatever it may be. But I'm definitely right there with everyone out there who thinks it's a "trip"! --I'm a Sagittarius sun with moon in Taurus, btw, in case anyone is wondering. 😉


  • Not me this month. I was extra careful not buying anything electronic well everything actually. I didn't change my spending habit, only stick to grocery and necessity. I read somewhere that the effect could be felt a month prior or after the retro period itself. This happened to me quite a few times so I know it's true. August was really slow I used to be happy in August because it's my birthday month. the retro is in relationship sign Libra, so it's possible that it happened to me in August instead. Hubby got lost when travelling a few times this month, maybe the retro affected him. it'll be over tomorrow that feels great

  • Wow, I thought it was just me! Under the heading of misery loves company, it is good to have some sympathy, understanding, and the knowledge that this too will pass and better roads are ahead. I am truly a Gemini and have spent a lot of time this past year getting over a bad breakup [my doing the breaking, he being the closet alcoholic bipolar pushed me finally over the edge] and I have been learning about me and why I was attracted to rescuing damaged men and how not to keep doing that. I was told Gemini can expect good things in the romance department coming in soon and I am sooo ready!! Hope it holds true.....

  • AMEN!

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