Numerology and stage names.

  • I want to get a stage name for the sake of privacy, keeping my "public" life from my private life and I have a few concerns as I don't have much knowledge of numerology. I have a name and three surnames, numbers being 3-3-3-6, I was born on a 6th, life path number is 8. I want to get a name completely unrelated to mine for the reasons I explained but I'm having a really hard time with the numbers, I can't seem to decide if I should pick just a name I like or if I should go after the numbers and try to keep them the same as they are now because I'm scared it'll affect who I am too much. The current name I have on my mind is a 7-3-3 number, I also like another one that's a 3-3. But I was wondering the effects it might have over me if I end up with a name that's a 5-7-9 for example. If I don't actually change my name, keep going by my birth name around my family and only keep the new name for professional purposes, how much can it affect my life, personality and vision of the world?

  • It depends on the sum of your new name and what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to be seen as a leader in your field or to be completely independent, you would choose something that adds up to 1. Or if you want to network well or socialize with important people, you would choose 2 or 3. The best number for success in your work would be an 8 name.

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