Lost heirloom ring.

  • Hi, I just found out that I lost a very, very precious ring that is impossible to be replaced. It is from grand mother and i have looked every where. Nothing else is missing. I am so, so sad as this has huge sentimental value and is very precious too. It is my go to ring too. Please help. Is is truely lost or (I can't imagine how but stolen). Maybe, it has been gone in the last 1 and a half month. 😞

  • By the way, this was a plea to psychics on here. thanks.

  • It's not gone. You will find it. Try to release all feelings of loss. Say to yourself you are protected and safe and too tuned in to Spirit to lose that ring. Ask spirit what is it you are ignoring right now. Is there a change or chore around the house you have been putting off? I'm getting that your home is in an energy funk. Also, there are answers hidden around you but they are forgotten. Instead of focusing on the ring...feel the reassurance it is safe. Instead of looking for it.......do some decluttering and rearranging around your home. Purge drawers and closets. Move things around. It's time for a change. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon, Thank you. Wonderful input and I am going to trust the spirit and of course to concentrate on your input. I also immediately reached out to saint Anthony too. Practicing that I am protected and safe.

    Blmoon, I did not know if I should share this or not bec I thought it may take away the focus from the issue of the ring at the moment.

    There is this woman at work who has made numerous contacts or says things or does things towards me that I find really strange and my thing has been to stay away from her. About 2 months ago or so she stopped at my desk and wanted to see the ring and so I showed her my hand with a less interesting ring on it but she insisted to see the other ring which is the ring in question. After that my finger with that ring began hurting and I could not type or do anything. I thought this was a coincidence and continued to care for my poor finger and hand. It took weeks for the pain to go away. This is that same ring.

  • At night before going to sleep do a protection visualization. Imagine you are holding a shield and say "all poison arrows sent to me will deflect off my shield and return to sender" You can use your own words but be sure to make it clear poison arrows return to sender.Visualize seeing those arrows hitting your shield and turning away. Repeat it with strength several times. It could be your grandmother hiding the ring just long enough for you to not hide from your gut feelings about this person. Trust your feelings around her and be protective of yourself. Also follow my advice about feeling safe, and changing your home as discussed. Boosting your home energy helps deal with outside negative people who include you in there thoughts. I get the feeling she likes to feel dominating over others and does not respect boundaries.She is sly!

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