Card Interpretation about relationship

  • Hi everyone, I have a friend that I care very much about, and want to take it to the next level (only not sure how, of even if I should). I did a couple readings asking where the relationship is heading and I'm not sure what it means.

    In a past present future spread using only cards from Major Arcana

    (1) Past: Wheel of fortune

    (2) Present: Death

    (3) Future: the Star

    In a CC spread

    (1) 3 of Wands

    (2) 9 of Wands

    (3) Justice (on the bottom)

    (4) Ace of Pentacles (on the left)

    (5) 3 of Swords (on the top)

    (6) Page of Pentacles (on the right).

    (7) Queen of Pentacles (on the bottom)

    (8) 9 of Pentacles

    (9) The Star

    (10) The Empress

    All these pentacles are confusing. Though I do associate myself with the card Queen of Pentacles, and the Page him, as his a quite young at heart.

    Please help! Thank you

  • looks like a "cladestine" love affair. take it toa physical place first, then convo about commitment and emotions.

  • Thanks KarmaComa, I guess keep it low key is the way to go.

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