Reading pls... I thought he was my soulmate

  • Hi,

    May I have a reading please?

    I have been seeing a man for a few months and he became withdrawn and ended it using seemingly superficial reasons. Is there any chance of us getting back together? I thought he was my soulmate and I don't understand why it happened.

    Thank you


  • v1969

    I sense that there was an imbalance of give and take in the relationship. You were ready for greater things like a family and stable home and the fellow you were with was not. He did your heart a favor and cut u lose.

    You will be meeting someone else and he comes in with light her and brown eyes tall and medium build a sports mans of sorts, like the outside and camping.

    You will get what you want soon in the heart department , yet looks like you need to do some learning of balance and what that means so that the lesson does not have to keep being repeated.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi MistofEmerald,

    I made a connection with someone at the end of last year and met them at the beginning of this year that fits the description you gave me... could he be the man you were referring to?

    Thank you

  • This post is deleted!

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