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  • I'm down to chat on the blog. Topic of the Day?


    I am learning to forgive myself because I deserve to be forgiven loved and supported and compassionate to myself. I deserve the best that life has to offer

  • Yes, self-forgiveness is very liberating!

  • Topic of the Day Resentment

    I must learn to forgive and let go of resentment in order to be free and live a full life.


  • YES, I agree.

    I myself struggle with Forgiveness and Resentment. as well!

  • For me, that is also a work in progress. Sometimes it is easy to forgive others for sometimes the most egregious things...but forgiving myself for my own faults can be a real issue. I also work on not internalizing my feelings. That has been quite a challenge, as I have been doing this all my life. I've always considered myself an easygoing person slow to anger...actually I tend to stuff my negative emotions. I am meeting each challenge one at a time, and also working on acknowledging my strengths as well.

  • wow! Sunshine....that is right on! Your awareness is your power! Very few people can trace forgiveness to it's root source of negative attraction. I have pulled that card often and surprised to dig deep at the suggestion that I have neglected to forgive myself for something. That always leads to an in depth examination to what forgiveness towards our self looks like! Or at least what it doesn't look like.. Not easy but essential. BLESSINGS! .......PS. I think it shows up in how much joy we allow ourselves......and negatively it effects how much we suffer.

  • Forgiving yourself is the hardest but most rewarding thing you can do for yourself

  • My Topic of The Day:

    Change and Acceptance

    Allowing the Universe to support me and teach me lessons in every challenge has opened up my heart to humbling experiences. The acceptance of who I am and who I want to be has allowed me to change and grow for the better and focus on the positive in every situation. I've been dropping my ego for the past few days and have learned a lot so far. We all have flaws but I intend to accept them and improve upon them and turn them into something better. One transit I have made over the course of a few years is changing my once stubbornness (somewhat rooted in pride) into sheer persistence and determination. I allow myself to be open to learning more and seeing different perspectives so I can grow for the better.

    Anyone has a topic they like to discuss?

  • That's a likely subject gor my next examination of self. I have always had that stubborn pride = ego in allowing myself to be helped, either by Spirit or by others. "I can take care of myself"!!! I've allowed some experiences where people looked down upon me for needing help and allowing someone to help me out of a bad spot to stop me from accepting blessings from people, and as a consequence probably blocked my blessings from the Universe. And ignoring warnings from Spirit. That negative energy and my blinders in regards to accepting and asking for help and listening to that "still, small voice" is probably a big part of wjy I'm on this path. So I'm trying to do a little change at a time to move forward.

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