Capricorn on Capricorn just looking for insight.

  • OK so I'm just looking some insight on a few things.

    I met this Capricorn man on a dating site a little over a year ago. This new to me because my I have always attracted cancer men. However from our first date I knew he was special we were/are like two of the same. Our beliefs goals drive and ambitions a identical. I understand a lot of his behaviors because I'm am guilty them to. But the one thing that is a little bizarre is when everything is going great between us he pulls away. Now me being a Capricorn women I understand the isolation when things are hectic in our lives we need time to calibrate things. However when ever we spend time together and its very intimate once he leaves he vanishes for days maybe weeks. If its weeks he will check it to tell me he is dealing with something like work or personal matters but nevertheless it always happens. I will text him no respose.when it dose the women in me want to know why and what I can do to make it better. But Capricorn in me is like what ever I'm not chasing you he will call back to business. I have really falling for this guy but because of this I'm reluctant to express my true feelings for him. No don't get me wrong I love everything thing about him and don't want him to change one single thing. I just need a better understanding. I try not to give the impression that I'm clingy so I follow his lead. He always tells me to be myself so I am silly playful jocking goofy and loving. I very patient so im in no rush to be in any type of relationship I like this slow thing between us. When we talk i aways let him know his friendship is very important to me and i dont want to loose that I want to tell him how I feel but I'm afraid that if I do he will vanish for good.....soI just want to know am I giving the wrong signals or what? Should I just tell him or leave it be and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Can you give both your birth dates for a more specific answer?

  • Mine is December 26, 1979

    His is January 11, 1975

  • This man is looking for a vivacious and interesting partner who can stimulate his mind or inspire him creatively. He needs someone at home who can lighten his mood when he walks in the door (unfortunately, you may also be just walking in the door from your work and want the same thing). Once he finds such a person, he can be extremely loyal and devoted. Although relating comes naturally to him, however, he can at times be reluctant to open up emotionally. There is also a danger that he can take on too much responsibility for and want to be 'the boss' of the relationship, so he needs to learn sometimes to stand back, open his heart and let his other half take the lead.

    Well, this guy is not your perfect love match, but he does feel comfortable to you because you share many similarities. In fact, he is probably also wondering about you too and where he stands with you. But you do understand each others' wants and needs. You both value your careers. This type of combination of personalities however tends to work better for friendship than for love. You two can be pretty determined individuals, and your relationship may synergistically harden this quality into a steely firmness. A lack of flexibility and sensitivity, in fact, can be among the relationship’s weakest points. As partners, you two will make up your minds immediately on most of the major issues, which, on the positive side, saves you from doubt and hesitation, but may also mean that you sometimes rush into hasty judgments. Results both good and bad may accrue from such uncompromising characteristics. The two of you can gain advantage, for example, by getting in promptly on the ground floor of a new investment or project, but you may also end up being saddled with involvements that you later regret. Since this matchup will rarely admit when it is wrong, the two of you may be forced to suffer in silence, experiencing great frustration when things don’t work out as planned.

    A love affair or marriage here will exhibit periodic dissension and can be highly argumentative in private, but will rarely show anything but a strong front publicly or in your attitudes toward other people. The two of you understand each other very well and are apt to have the same goals. There will be little room in your relationship though for feelings, which can create major problems for any children who, having failed to find sympathy from one parent, seek it from the other, only to run into a stone wall of unanimity. In an extreme case, the children may be asked to take sides with one parent against the other, with harmful results. Friendship here can be generally loyal and enduring, but can suffer from an air of smug assurance or of outright infallibility that other people can find difficult to deal with.

    Basically, this guy is in a period when he needs to keep his head down, his shoulder to the grindstone, his mind on the job, focusing on work and money. You on the other hand will feel more sociable and outgoing this year. Timing is important, so this difference in attitudes can cause conflict. Next year, you will be the one focused on your work while he will be opening up, expanding his life, and going through BIG often chaotic changes.

    Unfortunately, this man can be truly hard-headed and stubborn. He knows what he knows, and that’s it. Very little is left open for discussion where his mind is made up. If he has decided that you are - or are not - the one for him, there is nothing that will change his mind. He may also have other responsibilities that he has to attend to right now - he will often devote himself to the care of others (perhaps a needy or infirm family member) and can wear himself out doing so. He must learn to relax and take more vacations from work. In addition, he has to let up from time to time and have enough faith to allow his work/ business to run by itself. Not overly social, he can also be somewhat of an independent loner (in fact, his nature is quite rebellious and freedom-loving and he can show a marked tendency toward rootlessness and restlessness), so you would have to get used to that if you wanted to continue to see him from time to time. Taming such a freedom lover will be no easy task, and his naturally volatile nature is bound to challenge you. You will have to decide whether you can cope with such a 'now-and-again' or 'on-off' sort of partner.

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