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  • I know many of you are empaths and psychics and I have a scenario that I need some input with. Please help me with this. Let's say a child is born with strong empath abilities. within a day or 2 of birth, a huge catastrophic event happens that totally shakes the world. This small child, being a blank slate now has to be subjected to this overwhelming flood of emotions that the whole world is feeling. now let's say this child is also a bit psychic as well. My question is....HOW MUCH IMPACT COULD THIS HAVE ON A SMALL CHILD???

  • Then add....the child is then subjected to mom's refusal of holding this child due to the fact that she also has been effected by this catastrophic event. Now how does this further impact the child??

  • The effect is as the effect does. It depends on awareness. We can not change who we are but we can manage our wounds by acknowledging them. Then making choices according to what you know about yourself. Example......if you were born into a tragedy as an infant you would only have the feelings not an adult thought process. You could feel fearful or abandoned. Later in life you could unconsciously find yourself attracting the unresolved wound.....and be attracted to relationships that brought out that wound of not feeling safe or abandonment issues. Wounds can not be healed until brought into the light. And one still must keep an awareness for their wounds to make better choices. A wound clouds your perception. If you felt abandoned then you will often imagine slights that do not really exist and may have another explanation. But your wound will see from a fearful perspective. If the wound caused you to not feel safe you could later have such a fear of intimacy that you could self sabotage your relationships. As for global wounds? If you are a child of the Vietnam war or other like sad vibe....it may not be all bad because you could choose to be more mindful of keeping peace or not being a blind follower that doesn't do their own research when it comes to politics and war. You could grow up being a creative leader and a participating activist when it comes to peace and connecting with the human race. As I said the effect is as the effect DOES. We have free will. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon you are right that we have free will, but some events can shape us in one way or another. We are who we are, in large part, because of the people and events that are around us. I know that we can still change it, but it is very hard. So... irishelf it is hard to tell how big this impact could be, but those events will probably affect the child in some ways.



  • For me, I believe the impact was quite surprising. I am still discovering the depths of it. I believe that this was a very early awakening to my path, and to my purpose here. I have been doing some research, and am realizing that I seem to have been recalling lessons learned in previous lives. I seem to be in Scorpio Phoenix. I was able to read by the time I was 2 1/2 or 3. I can recall memories of the age of around 3 or so. I have a strong belief in faith. I have many times just spoke a need out loud, and within 1/2 hour or a few hours, just what I needed would manifest itself like a miracle. I am highly sensitive to the energies of the deceased. In my younger years, I could never tell anyone about that part of me. So I turned to the library to find answers at the age of 8. I used to wonder why I could easily read and understand the almost cryptic words of writings like Shakespeare, the bible, Edgar Allan Poe and so forth. No I understand. Old knowledge retained. Friends come to me for answers constantly. They know that they can tell me what is going on and I can ask the RIGHT questions to get them to open their own minds to the REAL problem, and find the answers they were searching for. I can adjust how I explain things to each individual. As I talk with each person, I can tell how to explain things in terms that THEY can understand. What works for one, doesn't always work for everyone. And yes, I have an uncanny ability to "see" into the souls of people. Problem is, is that some of them can feel this, and feel very uneasy around me. Fortunately, these are usually "dark" people that I really don't want to be around anyway. But my point is, I believe that IF I wasn't born "awakened", then this serious event "woke" me at only 2 days old.

  • Also, I want to add.... I had a very strong sense of what was "right" and "wrong" that even adults couldn't see. I had a horrible time being dragged to church. I actually read the entire Bible as a kid. I understood it. I couldn't believe how "WRONG" the preacher was teaching it! Even at 7 or 8 years old, I knew this. That's when I decided to understand more of the other religions. Then I found the basics of ALL religions and found the actual simplicity of it all! Almost like I had started a study before this life, but had to reread it? Keep0 in mind that this was before I was even 10 years old!

  • jharris....you need to reread my post. I validated that we indeed are who we are and are very much affected by life. And I added that being aware of who we are...gives us the knowledge to MANAGE our wounds. I used the free will statement in a positive way....meaning that knowledge gives us a chance to rise above our wounds. I never said that is easy...in fact it is very hard work and more people do not succeed than do. Most people do the best they can and often suffer their initial wounds over and over again. I believe that we choose our lives before birth......choosing the challenges that will serve our best path to serving our purpose. Some of the most gifted people with so much to give have survived horrendous tragedy. The key to choosing to making the best of a bad wound is to not get stuck in victim mode. You must find the gift and use it. To be abused can gift you with great endurance and strength. It can teach you compassion as you get first hand knowledge of abuser"s own wounds and problems. Writers often have had difficult childhoods. Isolation learned in childhood can gift an Artist to be....as Artists need to go deep within to create. I prefer not to list my wounds as I am long past being a victim. I believe a Goddess dealt a sh ity hand grows roses! That's my free will. And no it was not easy .....but a long long long life process of healing and mostly learning what love really looks like. Childhood abuse stunts self love. When it's time, loving people do come to us....but most wounds have created a wall to survive the early days of no choice so many people can not let their selves be vulnerable enough for love. Being abused often leaves you unable to make loving choices for yourself. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi irishelf,

    To me it is like a child is born with a certain amount of capacities. How some of these are nourchered when growing up is highly impactful on the individual and who or how they become. I am very sure the way this event shaped the mother and how she dealt with the child as a result of it must have greatly impacted her child. Mother's refusal to hold the child under the circumstances must have affected the child more than the event alone in my opinion. I think, one hopes that to know and be aware of what happened to you allows one to be aware and to understand, overcome much of trauma of early childhood.

    Just curious what kind of work do you do irishelf?

  • Believe it or not, I am a care giver at present for an elderly woman with dementia. This is just one of many people I have cared for. I have been a care giver for many(mostly family) since I can remember. As a child, I would "adopt" a lonely elderly woman to be another "grandma". I was also in retail sales and management. I am the one that my friends turn to when they want some "help" in figuring out what they should do next in life, or if they can't figure out why someone is behaving a certain way. I am the nurturer, the counselor, the organizer, the one that can calmly take charge of a situation. And I am the one that brings closure when none can be found. I am the one that they talk to for an intelligent conversation. But I am everybody's favorite sister, and not someone's love.

  • I'm not so sure it's a matter of being awakened or not as a black and white concept, rather I see enlightenment as a natural progressive cycle rather than a straight line and we never stop growing spiritually through the life process else it would be pointless being here through recurrent incarnations rising through the process of evolution and further enlightenment as we grow spiritually.

  • Exactly.....it is an act of self love to not expect to be fixed. That's why I use the word manage. In my youth I had the perspective of needing to fix myself and expecting it to be done. Of course it put me in a place of harsh self-judgement which breeds regret and guilt which pulls you backwards. Once you let go of your regrets,resentments and guilt you move forward with the knowledge that life is an ongoing process. We make choices based on what we know about ourselves. We do better when we know better. Mistakes are not always bad if our choice is to learn and if we are on path we never stop learning. Earth would be pointless if not for it's vehicle for soul growth. To expect perfection from all things would mean we are in Heaven....where all that exists is love. As a medium I am aware of the different energy levels of Spirits. When we pass we take with us the love we have created and gathered. Some souls return to earth and choose the life that will inspire them to be on a path that challenge them to truly love unconditionally despite difficulty. It's easy to live love when life is easy. Life is a balance of being in a state of gratitude which keeps us in the moment....this moment is really all that is real. The past is in our heads as well as the future. This knowledge did not free me until it was put into action and it is never done.....it gets easier with practice but is part of the human condition to have fears and doubts that rob us of all we do have in the moment. A continuing process indeed! And the choice has it's own consequences. Energy is everything and attracts or separates us from what we desire. Fear is a very strong energy that can shut down the ability to hear divine guidance. When trying to read a person who is too worked up and overly fearful I often ask them to spend at least a day calming their emotions and doing something blissful. Often they will get insights on their own and I can as well add Spirit's message with more clarity. Empaths are challenged to separate others intense emotions from their own gift . BLESSINGS!

  • Hi irishelf, I believe you :), sounds like you are respected for your opinion and judgement and have a high level of being liked and are caring. so lucky for them to be around you. I would think you want to attract the same kind of person to yourself for a love relationship and probably many may feel they are not good enough for you or at the same level that you are. Some may even be intimidated but that one special person will just break through all that!! Xx

  • Yes, it's been difficult finding a partner in love. But recently, I have noticed a few possible potentials trying to step up their own behaviors to get more of my attention They are realizing my values don't waiver. If they want to be with me, they cannot look at me as they might most people. They also have to respect themselves and others. I will not tolerate less.

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