Love Can Hurt

  • I have had the wonderful opportunity to reconnect with my first and true love after being separated for 33 years. He lives in Milan Italy and I in California. I just returned from spending an entire month with him in Milan and plan on going back in November to live with him permanently. In the meantime, upon my return home, I have found that I am spiraling downward and going into a state of depression. I can barely function. It is very hard to be away from him. On top of that, we are not able to communicate because his computer is not working right now and he doesn't have a house phone. How can I pulll myself out of this funk and survive until I return to be with my love in November? Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Just be happy that you have a first love in yur life to go back too because some us will never get that change again so you should be happy until that day and think forward.

  • How about writing and sending letters/pictures. Can he use someones phone. I'm curious how you all met after 33 years. November is just around the corner, time to get your affairs in place. Think about what he told you to do or think about during this time--that's how to handle this time apart. Does he have family around him or friends or church. Maybe you could contact a local church and they could help you contact him in some way. I can be real creative, if I need to be. Good luck.

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