Sag Women and Cancer Man

  • Any advice on how to make this work?

  • Samantha, fire signs and water signs have a difficult relationship and unless other planets in the natal chart make positive aspects otherwise, just the Sun signs themselves are not really compatible. Water extinguishes Fire, period. Not a productive relationship, diffrerences are too large to be complementary.

    I know, I was married to a Cancer man who was a darling but irritated the heck out of me most of the time. Temperamentally different, outlook on life (up to details) different, mannerisms different...everything different and not in a reconcillable way.

    In any relaitonship, things should me smooth and natural, if it does not "fit' move on...both you and him deserve a better fit.

    This was just a general answer to a general question (I do not know the particulars, you may wish to consult an astrologer for more)

  • I forgot to mention, I AM a Libra but have the rest of my planest and ascendent in Fire signs. That is why I know.

  • I would like advice on same thing. im a sag women and i was with my cancer man for 2 and half years, we met in a bar one night and hit it off straight away, we feel in love and started trying for a baby 3mths in. we had our ups and downs mainly to my jealousy and isecurity and i always thought he wud never leave me, when our baby was 4mths old my bf finished things as he lost feelings for me, 2 weeks later he wanted me back, my ex was always bottling feelings up and thougth things work out on its own and never quite realised u have to talk bout ure feelings which he was never good at, 11 months after we got back together things never changed he still hide his feelings and has finished things for good this time with the same reasons as last year he lost feelings and bottled it all up coz he thought it wud sort itself out. i wud take him back in a second if he liked me again as i love him to bits, maybe cancer and sag cant work i dunno if u can figure it out good luck and let me no to.

  • I was asking because for some reason I keep meeting Cancer men. All within the birthdays of July 11 to July 13th. It was the same thing, and yes, they did irritate the heck out of me. However, this last guy is incredible. I know it sounds cliche, but I am starting to feel as if soulmates really do exist. I'm 47, so I am very careful and watch for any signs. But my heart is falling hard despite my efforts to stop. I've been told I'm on the cusp, my birthday is Dec 20th, I don't know if that makes a difference.

  • Ugh... Im a Sag Girl and I just had a horrible time with a Cancer guy. I almost instantly fell for this guy (So rare for me) Long story short, My entire life went haywire...was told he was my soulmate... I totally believed it too. We are not on speaking terms at the moment.... I still don't know how he feels about me and it was too painful to carry on the type of relationship we had. So I cut it off. I feel empty and I feel like I wont find that kind of connection with another man, but it was killing me. I'm trying to move on, but he's still in my head.

    Somethimes I think things didnt work out due to our differences. He's very stubborn and closed off. I feel as if he hid his feelings for me for some reason... I feel like he may have viewed me as being "unsafe" . I'm very independent and far from the housewife type. He seemed like he was afraid to get serious with me. We don't know how to handle each other... I guess. Miscommunication. We seem to be living in different worlds. I do not think Cancer and Sag mesh well at all! Next tine I meet a Cancer I'll be sure to run in th opposite direction. I would hate to endure this kind of pain again.

    Good luck with your Cancer... You found a good one 🙂

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