New Love? any insight appreciated

  • Hello everyone,

    I hope you are all well. It has been a while since I have posted.

    I'm looking to get some other insight and perspective into a recent relationship spread.

    Background information: About a month ago, an ex-boyfriend contacted me since our relationship ended 8 years ago. I was taken by surprise and I realized that we had a very dramatic and karmic relationship. We kept the conversation very light-hearted, I was happy to know he was well. (we are both unmarried, single, with no children) But, I also realized a part of me longed for him. We haven't spoken since and although part of me (ego) misses him, my higher self knows that I have to release this. I feel that the emotional hold I have on the past deeply impacts my desire to manifest a healthy romantic relationship. I prayed to The Almighty for guidance and Divine intervention in releasing him and my attachment.

    My overall desire to meet my life partner, be in a healthy relationship and have a family of my own.

    So last night I did a Celtic Cross spread using my Mythic Tarot Deck, taking advantage of the upcoming grounding Full Moon energy in Taurus to aid in enlightenment and my question was, "What will my romantic life look like for the next 3 months? Am I on the right path?"

    Card 1: 4 of Wands - Present- A period of introspection- this is my current emotional state, some isolation, reflective, and yes, single.

    Card 2: Strength (crossing card)- Immediate challenge- this is my desire to manifest love, to resort to my will and perseverance, maintaining hope despite "his" contact, pushing forward from the past sadness and nostalgia

    Card 3: The Hanged Man- Distant past- In relation to my "ex", a feeling of letting go of the relationship in the past few years. Seeing possibilities in my future?

    Card 4: 6 of Pentacles- Recent past- Having a feeling that I can offer love in a healthy manner as opposed to a fear based attachment.

    Card 5: 9 of Swords- Best outcome- A reinforcing card that the past must be released to move forward.

    Card 6: 3 of Wands- reversed- Immediate future- This card is indicating that I must realign myself to my core values, recenter and focus on my needs, re-establish boundaries. Recognize the growth and transformation I have gone through in the last 8 years.

    Card 7: 4 of Cups -reversed- Factors affecting the situation- This card is stating that I might be more ready than I think to move beyond the ghosts of my past and toward a brighter, happier and more fulfilling relationship. Again, moving forward

    Card 8: The Magician- External influences- Someone new coming into my life?

    Card 9: Page of wands- Hopes and fears- My hope for someone new is being affirmed? very exciting!

    Card 10: The Sun- Final outcome- New love is definitely on the horizon!

    How did I do? Is there something I may have overlooked?

    Overall, I think the reading was very telling about my current emotional state.

    All perspectives welcomed. Thank you in advance.

  • I think the reading is confirming that the emotional hold you still have to the ex is what's preventing you from manifesting the relationship you actually want. He reappeared in your life in order to point this out to you. Intellectually you know you need to let him go but the emotional body hasn't quite gotten there. Feels like you still have some hope of something happening with him - that this return will rekindle something.

  • Card 1: 4 of Wands - Has there been a house move, him perhaps returning from overseas? key word is homecoming as with the 3W rx. The 4 also indicates potential joy in a family setting especially with the sun showing up too with it's strong focus on children and success.

    Card 2: Strength (crossing card)- Immediate challenge- In manifesting the 4W there may be a lack of strength due to fear.

    Card 3: The Hanged Man- the sacrifice you made giving him up.


    Card 4: 6 pentacles - Getting what you deserve, the outcome in the sun.

    Card 5: 9 of Swords- Nervous anxiety, as you say you've prayed done spreads and are wondering what to do which is causing this, your sleep may be affected.

    Card 6: 3 of Wands- reversed- Immediate future - check this site out

    There may be frustration around you in reaching your family goal, transient.

    Card 7: 4 of Cups -reversed- Factors affecting the situation- The end of discontent and lack of progress, you'd withdrawn.

    Card 8: The Magician- External influences- Focused productive learning towards an idea you've had around career in the page, also productivity and clarity of thought.

    Card 9: Page of wands- Hopes and fears are a child and a career you've had an idea about, the one that's frustrating you in the 3w rx.

    Card 10: The Sun- Success and acclaim with career and family life.

    Success whichever way you look at it but it could be with him.

  • Any feedback greatly appreciated as trying to learn thank you.

  • Watergirl18- thank you for your perspective. Yes I totally agree. The cards definitely confirms my nostalgic hope but my rational mind knows he must be released.

    headinthecloud- Thank you, yes you are definitely 99% accurate in your interpretation. My only hope is that the outcome card- The Sun heralds a new relationship. Rationally my ex may not be the best partner for me.

  • Thanks a lot L.

  • Lioness

    your insights are strong. Re-visits from past challenges can be very startling! They can feel threatening as we fear we have not learned and moved on and we do not want that pain again. Our first thoughts are WHY? Why is this happening? Has the man changed? What does this mean? We all get these reevaluation visits......and mostly we are blind sided by old feelings of having to connect. This will pass. It is meant to be a positive acknowledgment of your progress. Like stepping back and seeing your self worth. Often these events revisit just before a leap up.....a completion of lessons. Unfortunately, it's like that saying ....we can't see the forest for the trees and you are being urged to reevaluate your progress and OWN IT! You had a karmic tie with that man and the attraction was more heart than brain. There is so much importance put on soul mate power that early on women can get misled. Later we learn that strong attractions are not all meant to be life mates and fairy tale romances. BUT they serve us to grow. They can bring parts of us to the light so we can heal. They bring out our fears and weaknesses. To rise above such compulsive unions takes self empowerment and a brave decision to move into the unknown. ALONE. This is a good place yet it can make the heart shy and distrustful of being open again. It is often hidden our fear of not being balanced in power enough to protect ourselves. What Spirit wants you to know through this revisit is you HAVE changed! You can trust yourself to be safe. You need this owning of power so you can successfully open up to the relationship that will be offered to you. You want a man as evolved as you. Perspective is everything right now. (the magician)....when you look back do you feel the old fear?.....or do you give yourself a big pat on the back for how far you've come. Don't worry.....this connection will not trap it presents any old parts of you....the new you will shine through. You are safe. Practice feeling safe and the new partner will find you. I am seeing an opportunity to connect with a new man in May. Spend these 6 months NOT looking for him but being your most authentic self. Not feeling a need to please for love is a reward you have earned! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Thank you so much for your interpretation. I definitely a new person now and acknowledge the past pain as a necessary agent of transformation, I also know I have a choice this time to avoid the pain and move toward a relationship that is more supportive, loving and emotionally fulfilling. The Sun in the final outcome position brings me a lot of optimism and hope. Thank you so much for your interpretation and hopeful message.

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