Anyone like a reading?

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  • Anyone like a reading for feedback?

  • Hi Headincloud,

    I need some insight into the situation with my cat.

    The vets gave us meds based on his symptoms but we stopped early, as we could see that it was stressing him greatly. We still don't know the true issue (since we can't do any in depth testing). but it appear to be bladder/urinary tract related. Trying home remedies now (still challenging to administer but he's tolerating better) and giving it time, to see if he can heal on his own.

    Are we doing right by him and is this something that will help resolve the issue/make him feel better? Want to help him without over-stepping if possible, or going the clinical route. .


  • Time line spread.

    8S, 8C, 6P, 3W, 6W.

    I think the cat will be fine. The 8S seems to be the crux of the problem and it's easier if I direct you here

    The rest of the spread shows moving away from illness toward recovery.

  • Thanks Headincloud!

    You are right - the 8 of swords is/was our situation. A situation of feeling helpless.

    But I think a lot of that was our own doing - ignorance, irrational fears, and conditioning.

    We are growing through this process, and learning to be braver.

    Now giving meds too, to help him recover, and he seems better 🙂

    Will have to the vet weekly for the time being and monitor closely.


  • Headincloud, I was thinking of you! Hope you see this and pop up! How have you been? Xx

  • Hello was hoping maybe if there were any messages for me from either my dad my son or grandson who have already passed on. Thank you

  • Headincloud, Could I get a general reading?


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  • headincloud,

    I would love some insight if you still want to? I have just left a bad job after almost 2 years. I had not 1 but 2 interviews with the same company on Tuesday. I think both went really well and I heard back from them yesterday about a 3rd & I think final interview on Monday. It really sounded positive and I have really wanted a job with this kind of company for a while. For the first time in my life, I am not stressed and feel at peace(which now is kinda freaking me out). I need this really bad, not just because I have been living paycheck to paycheck.... I need this for me. Since I got hurt on the job in 2006, it has been a really rough road. I have lost a lot(not talking materialistic). I started feeling like me again when I put my two weeks notice in, I had seen this job posted & wanted to apply but felt like I did not qualify(degree) and it was before I left other job. On Monday, I just happened to come upon an ad saying they were having interviews on Tuesday. That old me was back & I went & felt really good. When the person called yesterday, felt even better:) I don't want to get my self to worked up, but for once in a long time I am actually feeling good about this job. Not in an arrogant way(that has never been me). I am starting to get some confidence back(I need). Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Much Love & Peace,


  • Hello Handincloud, I would love to hear what you can pick up for me. Thank you and God Bless !

  • Hi headincloud, I'd love a general reading when you have time, thanks! I'd love to know about work, finances and if it comes up, the house we're currently living in (it's old, needs a fair bit of repair but we love it, but boy, it's a BIG job lol!).


    Chris xo

  • I'd love a general reading, with anything interesting you find about me! Thanks in advance~!

  • I'd love a reading... whatever I should know about my life? An insight please

  • I would love to have a reading me february 16, 1975 and his december 13 1983. I wana know his plan for me . We been to a lot but I still felt neglected and I couldnt trust him after he cheated on me. I am not sure if I will able to get back on him and be with him again,

  • Cinnamon Spice,

    Here is a reading off your feelings,

    You not feeling productive, and soon one of your obstacles will become known.

    Your not very happy but part of it is you need to focus, its hard when you don't finish things, its like you start something get distracted and start something else.

    Completion is a key, think things through plan for success and make it happen.

    You are restless and want a change, but when you do make sure the reason is good and you do it for the right reasons.

    You will make it through but there will be a cost... change with conflict and struggle but it will give you a new perspective.

    You will find happiness after the struggle, remember good thoughts bring good results.

    Someone shows up who is honest and looks out for you.

    focus on one thing at a time, you are having a hard time juggling different things...go slow and do one thing then start and finish the next.

    Slow the brain down, when you do something take your it right the first will come when it does, rushing it will not help.

    You can be impulsive so know things will turn around but focus is required.

    You will make it through with some bumps in the road, use them as lessons learned and try not to make the same mistake twice.

    Hope that helps,


  • Can someone give me a reading, please? I'm having trouble looking forward to my future after some major life changes happened recently...I can give more information if needed...

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