Anyone like a reading?

  • Dear Headincloud

    Thank you for reading for me in such detail. Quite accurate overall!

    First a close friendship coming to an end: yes. An association of seven years coming to an irrevocable end because spirit guided me to accept that we must go our different ways. There were some harsh words but that's past now. There is no bitterness or regret on either side and I have been coming to terms with it off and on, for nearly two years now. We have nothing more to learn from this friendship I guess and now its time to leave the past alone.

    The new creative project is a book I was working on and had abandoned six months ago due to pressures at work and home. I am trying to take a break from work and restart work on it though I am not sure I will do it this time round:( I hope your prediction about travel and trying to find a more practical way of reaching my goals comes true.

    Thank you so very much!

  • Thanks suramya I'm surprised a situation of 2yrs has featured so prominently in your spread, thanks for clarifying the creative project/book, I asked advice on this for you and you have 6W, the victory card so don't give up rather find a different way of tackling it because success will be yours. Thanks for FB, Julia.

  • Thanks again headincloud for the 6wands go ahead! I really appreciate your taking time out to help me. Let me know if I can do an oracle card reading for you.

    Sorry, I did not get the reference to FB and Julia.

  • You're very welcome, the ref was feedback, my name is Julia. I'd love a reading when you've got time thank you.

  • Dear Julia

    I did an aura scan and found that all your chakras are active and spinning well. You are very intuitive (obviously!). Only the first/base chakra seems a bit low on energy. This is usually the seat of survival issues, anxiety and can be worked on easily through various means. Grounding exercises help. Yoga/Pilates and breath work and postures that bring greater balance and awareness of the body especially lower body . I am not sure about this but probably in the spine, there seems to be a minor issue. Strengthening the core might be helpful. If I am off the mark here please ignore:)

    The first card from the angels deck that came up for you is Oceana : You are in touch with your intuition about this situation; dive right in. Soimetimes you may feel too tired or emotionally drained to take action. Do not let unfounded guilt or doubt come in your way. I also got a card about continuing with education, taking up a course or new course of study. The angels will help you with the logistics. When things seem to happen spontaneously that is a cue that you are on the right course.

    If there has been a disruption recently, the cards ask you to stay focussed, take action and forge ahead. Above all, Stand your Ground. Stand by your decisions if you are convinced that they are right. There might be some power struggles surrounding you at this time.

    Best and hope this helps:)

  • Hi headincloud, thanks so much for your time and doing this for me. I am not really familiar with the cards/tarot so I rely on the interpretations. Is this a particular type of spread and or do the positions 1-10 represent some thing? I can relate to the interpretation by trying to associate it to many different things from personal/private life to work life (past and present). 🙂

  • I am so happy for this "rest assured the end of a confining situation is up ahead." by the way, is the card 3. Justice reversed?

  • Hi znl no worries, card 3 is justice reversed, the spread I used was Celtic Cross, the most common spread in Tarot. Thanks for feedback lets hope I'm correct.

  • Base chakra has always been an issue but it's as healthy as it's ever been, I do quite a lot of core work and flow yoga, my nature is intuitive. Yes, minor issue with the spine I have dysplasia and have had both hip replaced after being on sticks for years which caused changes to the lumber spine but it's largely corrected itself over recent years.

    I also have fibromyalgia which flares under extreme stress which may relate to me feeling tired. I plan to study mediumship. Yes there has been a disruption and I need to stand my ground through these power struggles.

    You weren't off the mark rather bang on, thanks for your time Suramya.

  • I just had a birthday, Nov. 18 1977. Really curious what you can tap in to as far as my relationships and children go 🙂 . I'd love to give you feedback. Thank you in advance!!!

  • You two ladies are amazing!!!

  • Hi Gladyouwroteme, Sorry the reading is so disjointed but something may resonate.

    You seem to be coming up out of a down cycle, and difficult circumstances. There's stress but I'm not sure if this is a situation at work or with a project or problems in a romantic relationship or both.

    If experiencing difficulties in a romantic relationship one of you seems to have withdrawn. You may feel you've been taken advantage of and there's a sacrifice in your spread, you may be intent on being single and you seem teetered on the edge of the decision.

    There may be chaos around work if applicable and an unpleasant working atmosphere, may be some sort of scandal and gossip.

    You may be feeling emotionally unstable but up ahead you seem to be cutting ties and moving on, there's elevated self respect hence the sacrifice and emotional stability as things improve, a need to tackle things head on and follow through.

    A date for a family get together may fall through or there may be arguments.

    There's a spark of an idea around career you seem intent on following through with financial stability your goal and vision.

    I'm impressed by a need and wish for peace and quiet around you.

    Huge forward strides in your spread towards your visions and wishes even if I've wrongly prescribed what they are.

  • You actually were right on. I left an emotionally abusive relationship but he won't cooperate in ending it. Luckily I moved across the country to a new job, which is everything you described. I'm trying to find peace, I feel it most of the time but I'm just waiting for this divorce to go through so I can shake the last two years off of me. I'm excited about my future, I feel a lot of greatness in my life, I'm where I should be.

  • Anyone interested in a reading for feedback?

  • Hi headinckoud. I would like a career and love life reading from December through April. Thanks love!

  • Hi apa, hanged man/chariot/moon rev.

    With regard love life the cards seem to warn of a co-dependant relationship and/or obsession. If this is a new relationship it may be a phase which will pass once both partners become aware of it. If it's long term then there are serious imbalances in the moon and caution may be advisable, it also denotes relationships with addicts, criminals or the physically debilitated. If it's a romantic Idyllic relationship there may be some things yet to come to light.

    Regarding work you seem dissatisfied, withdrawn or even isolated, the environment is competitive in an unhealthy way, rumours and head games abound and there's a sense of oppression and arguments or sharp words all of which are coming to an end as you leave your troubles behind, I'd guess you were leaving your job or situation behind with your partner.

    You may have a business partnership on your mind long term.

    New emotional beginnings starting with the self breaking through the oppression, watch your weight and health.

    A job that is spiritually and emotionally fulfilling may be what you're looking for.

    Joy 🙂

  • Hi headincloud. Spot on with the career reading...

    About the obsession... is it mutual obsession or one sided?

    I appreciate your quick response and reading.. sure helps put things in perspective in these turbulent times... hope all is well love.

  • Asked for more insight into love life and it seems there's a lack of commitment and effort which has you giving up out of a sense of hopelessness. You may be about to get a sudden insight into your partner and it seems new starts are the order of the day as you withdraw. Sorry it's not more hopeful but there's no point me dressing it up.

    Take your time as it looks like you've got hopes of further commitment at this moment in time but there's disruption around this relationship which is possibly coming to an abrupt end.

    If obsession is applicable it could be one sided I guess but I'm not so sure it fits though there may be co-dependency in some way or another.

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