Anyone like a reading?

  • Thanks for the feedback Daiolite, I so appreciate anything positive or negative when trying to learn.

  • Celtic Cross

    1. Sun rx - You may feel there's a black cloud over you atm and worries about children (students) and otherwise are likely predominant.

    2. Moon rx - There's been deception and lies around this and it's crossing you.

    3. past - 5S rx - Whoever this woman is that's causing trouble there may have been past difficulties or events either aimed at you or another member of staff.

    4. 6S rx - a reoccurrence of past difficulties and rough waters ahead.

    5. Death - Either getting out of the relationship and/or thinking of throwing the towel in on your job.

    6. 3S rx - you may be feeling low and irritable.

    7. Star rx - Feelings of worthlessness, lack of self esteem.

    8. 7C - Coupled with the moon these cards express similar things, confusion, can't see the woods for the trees, trying desperately to see matters clearly.

    9. Wheel of fortune rx - worries about a change of circumstances for the worst for example job loss. (feared not actual).

    10. 2S - Trying to maintain a status quo through this, you may be struggling with multiple pulls on your time and finances.

    I pulled clarifiers for the moon and it's queen Wands rx/ page W rx/page S rx.

    I believe this is just one person causing trouble for you, and with 5S showing up she may have a personality disorder. You may have ended the relationship or at the very least become aware of the situation and you likely feel disconcerted by the way she's treated you. This character will step on anyone to get what she wants.

    The sun rx indicates success but delayed, if you persevere through these difficulties you will win through and she will be shown for what she is. As for actual talent as a teacher I've pulled 8P and 6P rx, I'm sure you're a teacher with much potential in the 8 but the 6 rx sees you not getting what you deserve atm. Very best wishes.

  • Hi pilotguy. Celtic cross

    1. Knight C - this could be an opportunity or proposal work related, also coming through is your love life.

    2. Ace S - The challenge is mental, you seem to have made the decision to get out of the relationship but are having trouble cutting ties, it may be just a time factor but there's a need to keep focused on your career goal if that's what you want to bring to fruition.

    3. Ace C rx - Total dissatisfaction or ending of a relationship and overindulgences may have figured. Work wise there's little job satisfaction especially spiritually and emotionally.

    4. 8S rx - Release from a confining relationship and job in the near future.

    5. 2S - You're at a crossroads but not budging right now because there's a pay off whichever path you choose so you're sitting it out.

    6. King P rx - Your motivation may be money or you're in a situation where you're overly worried about money, mood might be irritated, angry and frustrated.

    7. 9C rx - not getting your wish as far as relationship and family life goes.

    8. 10C rx - Overturned situation in love or family life, not wishing to be tied down.

    9. 8W rx - There's much unfinished business to attend to before you are free to do as you please, others may be telling you to slow down, think things through when all you want to do is move forward. An interfering third party may be causing you problems and there's likely impatience, you may feel you lack the staying power to follow through with this card in your fears and ace S crossing you is similar.

    10. Knight W - One of the travel cards which is good news especially as there are 2 knights. Also 2 aces which indicates a new job, home or both but ultimately it's up to you of course.

  • Thank gou very much, headincloud.

    You go it right, i am not surprised at the cards in the Celtic cross. I don't feel myself satisfied, can't say i love my job, sometimes it is difficult to wait till the end of the day. It only helps when there are students with whom i enjoy to work. I also question a lot my abilities, yes low self esteem. I have a thread here where i wrote about my job( on the first page in Psychics).

    As for the deception- my students are not always sinciere to me, they sometime use the homework of other students and so on, i take it to heart.

    as for the woman. I have to discuss quite often teaching aspects with one lady, another teacher ( about 50yo), she sometime criticises me, can be rude, i may not agree with her, but has authority and is knowledgable. Also another colleague recently decided to leave this job, i used to communicate mostly only with her here. But i don't understand her behavior, sometimes it feels also like a deception.

    Headincloud, it seems like celtic cross showed my attitudes to my job, and the two msjor arcana card - attitude of my students? I mean that they are in general satisfied with me it seems? Yes, by the way, i think i sometimes too kind to them, they can take advantage of me i am afraid. Although that older lady and another colleague both say that i shoukd be strict , but i don't want to...don't like this control.

  • But SHE has authority and is knowledgable.

  • Yes, Thanks so much.

    My question is: My husband has taken a job and he is under a two year contract with this company now. He is going into his ninth month in December. He works ten hours a day and sometimes on Sunday from home for 4-6 hours. He is exhausted and dislikes this job. Aiman is his name and I would like to know if his work situation will change for the better? At the end of two years will he get a job here in this area or out of state?

    Happy Holidays to You and Yours

  • Headincloud and may i ask please was there any advice in the spread? Should i just work as i worked, and cope with difficulties?

  • Hi MOE,

    There may have been a proposal by your husband and he may feel he is not being taken seriously having received a not so curt reply to an issue he would like to discuss further. The work environment seems to be people who have turned on each other and rumours abound. This situation seems to have prompted him to reconsider everything he's doing towards his career goal.

    Your husband may be making too many considerations for what people think of him hence his boundaries are lacking and people may be taking advantage of him, the situation has evolved over a long period of time possibly a life long pattern, definite lack of team work.

    There's a lack of productivity, lack of progress, a failure to launch and he's hit nervous exhaustion. On top of that money matters are encumbered and he knows something has to change hence he's analytically thinking things through. There's a negative assessment of things up to now and his worst enemy may be scattered thinking, there's a need to regroup as he's realized something has to change and that change is manifesting through 10W rx where he decides to stop being put on and there's delegation or handing work back to it's rightful owner.

    There is a move to a hot climate.


    'Headincloud, it seems like celtic cross showed my attitudes to my job, and the two msjor arcana card - attitude of my students? I mean that they are in general satisfied with me it seems? Yes, by the way, i think i sometimes too kind to them, they can take advantage of me i am afraid.'


    'Although that older lady and another colleague both say that i shoukd be strict , but i don't want to...don't like this control.'


  • Maybe a lack of teamwork because i do not want to cooperate with my colleagues, don',t agree sometimes.

    Thank you much headincloud!

  • Hi headingcloud,

    Yes please, I would like a reading.

    For a few months I have been doing assisted pregnancy but so far nothing. Now we are going back again, this is our third time. Im scared that this might not work again. Can you shed some light, please.

    Thank you

  • Hi MariaP, I think conception is a strong possibility but I'm not sure of the outcome sorry.

  • Hi headincloud, I would like a love reading if you are still offering. I asked for advice last month regarding a man I met two years ago, and with the help af advice from another reader on this forum I was able to move on.

    I met someone a little over a week ago and we hit it off immediately. I am leaving for a trip on Thursday and want to know if this relationship has potential and what his feelings towards me are.

    Any insight is appreciated!

  • I don't know of course but you seem to be activating your defences against him in the near future.

  • Reading for feedback anyone?

  • Hi headincloud

    I would love a reading...on anything that I need to know right now.


  • Dear headincloud,

    thank you so much for offering and doing all these readings. Not sure if you have time after suramya but if you do, I'd appreciate a reading on anyrthing you pick up right now as well. What I need to know.

  • Suramya

    A situation or relationship is coming to an irrevocable end and you may be hanging on in there. Something within the situation has caught you off guard and is out of your league and you may be quite surprised, there have likely been sharp or even hostile words. There's disruption around you as you are managing to move on although you may be living in the past for a while.

    So a lifting of pressures around this situation and things are speeding up towards a conclusion, you may decide to take a short break as travel by air is a possibility.

    Within this fresh start you're facing many options and studying for a degree or apprenticeship is on the cards specifically working with others is highlighted. You could be having trouble setting realistic, practical, attainable goals for your future and may have previously been trying to run with something that simply wouldn't have worked but you've put it down now, or at least that way of tackling things.

    Uppermost in your mind may be a new relationship or invitation, if not a creative project and there's healing around you as you leave your troubles behind.

    Is there a house move or holiday coming up? there's certainly a change of circumstances for the better whatever.

    Anything come close here?

  • Hi znl,

    1. Fool

    2. Devil

    3. justice

    4. 3w rx

    5. Queen C

    6. king C

    7. Temperance rx

    8. judgement

    9. 10C rx

    10. 10S rx.

    With justice reversed and judgement I'm wondering if you've been wrongly accused of something or been treated unfairly, failing that are there ongoing arguments which have not been addressed. Then again you may just feel life is treating you unfairly at the moment, you may be bored, discontent and have withdrawn into yourself and are tending towards escapism too much due to this.

    There seems to have been some sort of attempt at a fresh start or project in the fool but the ships are not coming in with 3W and you're not happy with decisions made. You may badly want to leave an unfulfilling situation but are frightened and you may feel resentful, held back and tied down.

    I think the situation may be tied into your home life with 10C rx showing up but whatever it is I pulled 8S rx as a clarifier so rest assured the end of a confining situation is up ahead.

    Sorry it's so vague I'm a beginner, anything resonate?

  • I just had a birthday, Nov. 18 1977. Really curious what you can tap in to as far as my relationships and children go 🙂 . I'd love to give you feedback.

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