Anyone like a reading?

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  • juliem48

    a feeling of joy and happiness

    things will work out and there is a balance

    someone is trying to hide something...a sneaky feeling

    there is an emotional loss of control, something is not rational

    your not able to see what is coming

    (feels like two separate readings) this one goes back to the first two bold think the thought process out and you will be fine.

    if you didn't put enough effort into it you will not get a lot out of it

    the joy above is tied with this one some thing new your starting

    this one on the effort that you didn't put out was also thoughtless actions

    your not listening to someone telling you what you need, because it is not what you want to hear

    there is hope and a feeling that it will be will take strength to complete it

    you have two things going on in this reading one was positive and all the positive cards go to that one situation. The other was for someone you were thinking about and they are not putting out an effort to do well and the message is for them, I am getting that the person is stubborn. so the person may not listen even know they should.

    hope that helps,


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  • Thank you NIck.

  • Hi Nick! Could you please tell What spirit wants me to know in regards to my relationship with my ex Capricorn boyfriend. Btw I am a TRIPPLE Gemini...

    Thank you so very much..

  • Snow-Rabbit,

    Here is a pick up on your feelings,

    you did something without thinking first, I feel like going tst and shaking my head...kind of feeling.

    a feeling of loss and you doubting yourself

    you need to look for the big picture of what is going around you... the doubt does not help.

    your going to work for something that will bring happiness

    don't hold onto things that don't work, if you know it's may be time to put it down

    you have the ability to be strong...a good that in yourself

    you are going to be able to let out a breath...when you do it will calm you and you will be calm and be able to start again

    some good luck will be coming

    I don't think your present situation will change

    but once you calm down and will allow you to start thinking...i can do this

    you start something with learning

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick, I appreciate you taking time to do the reading for me. I am a little confused but think I will figure it out as it is one of three people in my life. Husband or one of my two daughters. It will come forward and hit me. I just hope it is not too late when I do notice. Thank you and God BLess

  • Hi there, I would love a reading- mostly wondering about my relationship and if I am with the right person- thank you

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  • hi Nick

    thanks for the reading- so was this reading more money and finance focussed or relationships.

    you mentioned 4 people and over all all seem good except for a woman that cannot be trusted. so when you see people like this - are they playing important part in my life. is any one of the men you listed be my ex or seperate.

    all it seems that there are good and positive things coming up.

    just want to ask you something I have a lot of guilt on ending things the way I did and dont know how people in my enviroment are judging me for it.

    you mentioned a beginning in my reading also- is it in terms of career or relationship.

    sorry your response was on July 2 and I just realised you had done a reading for me

    what can I expect to feel in terms of relationships

  • TarotNick

    Also Nick do you see a home or residence change coming up and will it prove to be beneficial for me.

    also in terms of career do you see a growth or a change coming up in near future.- there might be transfer to another division coming up and I am not sure if I will be impacted- do you see moving job or companies and will it be a good for me

    also as mentioned earlier how do you sense I will feel in terms of relationships overall

  • Hi MeeraShe,

    The guilt could be the fear I picked up on, the four people were separate but seem important, each in their own way. I can’t tell who is who, you will know. My guess is one of them the leader of his field would be with work. He had a good feel so I would think it would be positive. Don’t worry about what other people think; what you think of yourself is more important. Trust in yourself, you will make things happen.

  • Andidilly

    A pick up on your feelings,

    It seems you have more then one ball in the air, keep your eye on the balls

    There is a choice to make, each with a different perspective

    Try not to make it all about you, one of the burdens might be lifted soon

    There is some kind of setback, and something in the back of your mind that you don't feel is right

    I think you will chose with your mind and not your feelings

    you will chose the one that has a balance, sharing and caring with it

    you will set new goals

    those new goals will bring a smile

    it is not going to happen right away, you get antsy about it

    the one you don't chose, you will have doubt if you did the right thing

    one of them is a good talker, I don't know which one that is...

    hope that helps,


  • TarotNick- do you see that my residence move will beneficial?

    what do you see in terms of my feelings in future- emotionally how do I look

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  • Hi Nick,

    May i have a reading?

    Tough times... when are they



  • Hi TarotNick, I'd love a follow up reading if you are able, concerning work, finances and friendships. I have an issue with my old job where someone has been responsible for preventing me from gaining even two days a week there. This person - the one suspected of causing this to happen - I had considered a friend, which has hurt me greatly, although I'm taking the "message" as philosophically as I can!

    Thanks in advance, should you get the time 🙂

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