Anyone like a reading?

  • Hi Nick,

    Happy belated birthday. Sorry I don't know the exact date.

    Hope you had a good celebration.

    How is your new job going?

    Wondering if I can get a reading, just to check in with how I'm doing. Able to mostly keep things in perspective when I think of myself as a being... experiencing life. As in things are not being done to me. They are just happening. But I know that I have wants and needs. Having needs go unmet for so long... just losing interest in everything. Not sure I can do anything more to make it better for myself.

  • blingway,

    Here is a reading off your feelings,

    You are thinking about yourself, step back and try to see a bigger picture

    there is stagnation with your emotions, also another feeling...edginess

    something with work or a skill, feels like you are learning or building towards something...a smile

    that smile will allow you to grow

    Once you do that you will make what you want to open to better things

    but you are going to feel lonely, because you want the affairs of the heart to work out

    you are not going to be happy, you will have some bumps in the road to get through

    you need to stabilize your emotions, use some of the skills you have at work towards your personal will help

    People need to see the heart inside you, sometimes your energy will back people away

    need to work on an even flow of emotions, breath before acting

    the burden you carry makes things feel heavier then they are, but the trial will make you stronger you just have to learn lessons and apply good solutions.

    Hope that helps,


  • TarotNick, can i ask you to pick up on my feelings, please?

  • Hi TarotNick, thank you for reading.. it seems i'm in a roller coaster ride that don't know when it will stop..i have to be lonely and not happy, still need to smile to the's pretty much suffering to see the one i love being drifted away and cannot do anything as it will make things i right?

  • blingway

    I am a glass half full type of person. Look at this as an opportunity to grow. I believe you have skill that you will use in work, apply some of that in other areas. Step back and look at the bigger picture and not just look at a narrow section of the picture. Is it going to be ideal? No, but learning lessons never seems to be. Reflect on what you went through and see where you can grow so when the next time you meet someone to share with you have growth to share. I like analogies, so you have a hill to climb, if you grumble that the hill never ends and its getting steeper. You will miss the flowers in the rocks, bits of smiles and beauty and at the end you realize you are stronger because the wasn't easy to climb so you grew as you did it.


  • Danceur,

    My birthday was quiet, but I did go home for the weekend. That was nice...short lived but refreshed.

    I am taking in all they are pouring at work, It's a good fit learning wise... a bit far from the family, but that's what phones are for...suck it up for a while...learn and grow.

    I see your having fun... here you go.

    New things are starting to be a possibility, you’re getting ready

    You’re not happy where you are (job wise) but you are quite and just waiting

    There is going to be a change, but it will force new ideas

    There is going to be a challenge, again I think job strong and be yourself

    Be your strong self, make what you want

    Keep a strong hold on your emotions; don't let them get too high, you don't think as clear when you do

    A beginning of a friendship (how are you fitting that in with the emotions on high...hahaha sorry couldn't help myself)

    You’re worried about money, be frugal...

    A guy has a good heart, I don't know if control is the right word maybe used to making decisions

    Let past things stay in the past, time for new things and ideas

    Don’t let the change and challenges get to you, if you let it, I feel you getting mopey

    hope that helps,


  • Hi Nick!


    I'm glad you're doing well. You were working on manifesting this opportunity for so long and it's well-deserved.

    On the job - maybe challenges regarding renewal..contract expires in a month. I want to go part-time but I'm not sure it will be allowed. Part time means reduced income (hence the money worries you mentioned). But remaining at full time means I'm sometimes it...because I am tired from being a care-giver concurrently. I consider care-giving my other job, and there are challenges coming up with that, since I will have to handle most of it alone in July.

    Too late, I'm already mopey 😛 Not interested in anything pretty much & in isolation mode (no space for friendships). I've gotten good at making lemonade, because I have to. It's awful to witness a loved one slowly deteriorating and know that their passing will act as a catalyst for much needed change. I've done what i can to try and spread the load with others, but the situation is still largely unbalanced. Feel like I am disintegrating.

    I know that things will eventually change and we will all go our separate ways. But I've lost sight of the excitement over what that could mean for me. I feel disconnected from it. And there's a sense of dread of having to overcome the loss of someone I care about.

    Don't have much personal time, so I derive smiles and sometimes laughter from little things. Try to do some meditation. And focus on tasks and 'looking on the bright side'. You know, making lemonade. But I've not felt happy in such a very long time - and I don't know what to do about that.

  • Danceur,

    Don't look at it like that, We had my mother in-law live with us her last five years. Dementia, Parkinson's and the roller coaster ride that went up and, but most of all Love. It gave us memories and quality of life that we will never forget. You will eventually forget the stress other than you went through it. My girls have learned lessons that will never leave them. Beside we made it fun when we could. We find videos every so often that we took and just laugh. The quality of life you are giving keep doing as long as you can keep giving, because it is worth the reward you get back. Even when they can't communicate anymore, you can see the love in the eyes. You will take that with you,


  • Hi Nick,

    I do see the value of this experience.

    I've gained a lot, not the least that it highlighted some of the (wounds of) family pathology I've carried with me unknowingly. In being the caregiver, I've been the chance to become a mother and a protector. Having children is not my calling - and this is the closest I may ever get to knowing what it feels like to put your child above all else. I've been able to channel the kindness and nurturing towards another, that I so desperately needed and wanted when I was a kid - and didn't receive. It's helping to heal wounds.

    I'm also learning that the value I've ascribed to people in familial roles is completely incongruent with the quality of those relationships. I'm now able to see if from a less emotional perspective that we're simply incompatible and they cannot provide the kinship I want or need. So I guess, even though there will be anxiety about it, I needn't be afraid to leave (eventually) and look for my own tribe.

    The problem is that the experience has also taken a tremendous toll. It feels like I've been nearly reduced to the level of day to day survival. All the excitement and aspirations I was starting to have 2 years ago seem to have evaporated. It was never my intention to be the base of the pyramid, to shoulder so much of it, but this is exactly what has happened. I always keep in mind the value of the situation and the love I feel - but I'm getting overpowered by fatigue and hopelessness at times.

  • Dannceur,

    All that is very true, the trick is to find little escapes that recharge you. The escapes can be solitary or with someone. I had to bust your chops with the one card about a friend, it did jump at me. I remember from past readings people where around that you didn't see in your radar. Little smiles add up. The trick is finding them sometimes, because it is overwhelming at times and you think how can I do it. It is not bad to feel those feelings, they are true. You get through, and you continue to give the love. Look at all the growth you have gained, that is all part of it, and if you need to vent or just Yell. Let it out. We'll listen


  • Yup very true.

    The little smiles mean a lot. Else, it's just too much to bear, on the days I'm skirting around mental, physical and emotional collapse.

    I guess the escapes are all solitary since I'm too much of a tired empty shell to socialize.

    I'm trying to be more creative about finding those escapes 🙂

    For instance, I listen to nature sounds using Youtube and just imagine... It's soothing and not a bad substitute (since time no longer permits an actual trip out).

    Nick, thank you so much for your advice and for listening. It helps 🙂

  • TarotNick,

    When you have the time, I was wondering if you could provide some advice on some issues I'm having.

    One is coming to terms with my mother's death and what happened. It's a bit of a read and I explain it all in what I wrote in the thread I started "I need help understanding."

    The other is my living situation and my family. I'm absolutely miserable and have RA and Fibromyalgia and the stress is impacting my health in a very bad way.

    I want to understand what happened with my mother and am hoping for advice on improving my living situation.

    Thank you! 🙂

  • gingerwaves,

    I didn't read your other thread, when I do a reading I only focus on the feelings I am picking up. I try not to input my feelings in...i slip sometimes but the message is for you, and I hope you are able to gain from it. Sometimes readings are not fun to hear, but this is what I picked up.

    You are just going through the motions, starting things not finishing them and starting new ones

    your situation is not going to change right now

    someone is giving you advise, but it is not what you want to hear so you are ignoring it

    some money pops up but doesn't last

    your scared and sad, I have a feeling why always me type of feeling

    you can't see what is coming and you are doubting yourself

    again some money pops up but either it doesn't last or nothing is gained from it

    Your emotions swing one way then the other but strongly, you can be a force when you want to be but you are not sustaining it

    some tears are coming, something doesn't go your way, but don't make it about you. Turn it around and be gracious. It will take courage to do it.

    by turning it around and making good out of a bad situation, will turn something around for you

    if you can do that and it won't be easy I see a big will come back to you

    hope that helps,


  • TarotNick,

    It's totally understandable about you not reading the other thread, and I appreciate you explaining that to me.

    Wow, I can't thank you enough; you absolutely hit the nail on the head with how I feel, and I very much appreciate the information you provided me! 🙂

    Furthermore, I know things at'll just pop in my head out of nowhere and I'm usually right, but not always (every woman on my mother's side of the family has been like this to a degree and it's been kinda strong with me since I was around 24 yrs. would literally freak out some people that are outside my family). I didn't see what is probably going to cause me the tears coming though, as I never would've fathomed this would happen.

    Do you have any insight into the bad thing that's happened? I'm not sure if I'm suppose to say exactly what it is, but will give some info. because I'd like to get your feelings on it. I have my own feelings about it, but would be interested in what you had to say on the subject...

    Someone has been accused of stealing from a family member. Can you tell me if they did, as they are strongly denying it?

    Again, thank you so very much!

  • GingerWaves,

    The strongest feeling I got was when something happens, it is going to be emotion-able and the outcome may not be favorable to you. How you handle the situation will be the key. First instinct will be to circle the wagons and only worry about you. There is a bigger picture somewhere in there and you need to see what it is, because the goodness you give out, comes back to you. I get the feeling it won't be easy to do...but the rewards of giving will be worth it...


  • Thank you TarotNick. I'm pretty sure I know exactly what you mean and it's kind of what I thought too...I don't think it's going to be a comfortable situation for me, but I'll just have to pick myself, dust myself off and move forward. I'm not sure about the goodness I give out part, but think it'd be the goodness given to my family and those that are like family. I know this isn't going to be easy and dread what I have to do, but must do it to protect innocent people. I just have to try to keep my chin up.

    Again, thank you, I very much appreciate your insight. 🙂

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  • I'd like a reading please 🙂 A general one about work, where my life is going, etc. Thanks in advance!

  • hi Can you do a reading for me

    it is regarding my relationship with my ex. need to understand where we stand now and if he has feelings for me

    it was a very harsh break up . I broke up as I felt he was cheating on me.

    I do feel bad for how things turned out and how I handled the situation.

    we have known each other since last 9 years but have been a relationship since last 1 year

    threre was a very strong chemistry and we were very compatiable. we both were already in marriages before we met and we used to socialise in the same group. he approached me in almost a year ago before we got into a relationship. when I broke up everything came out into the open. ahd there was lot of fights and arguments between families and our social group also got impacted

    I no longer socialise in this group anymore so feel left out too. me and my husband our looking into moving now as I thought this would be the best thing for me

    I do still love my ex and I regret handling the situation the way I did. I felt betrayed by him as thought he was cheating on me too. our relationship although was on a false ground but we got togehther as we both were unhappy in our marriages and was an arranged marriage. he convinced me for years that he loved me.

    need to understand if we will ever reconcile or if he still has feelings for me.

    I am in a bad shape as loved him like no one else. and we are like strangers or he might even hate me now

    there is a lot of other pressures- we stay in the sub division and have lot of common friends so a lot of societal pressures..

    can some one please do a reading for me. dont know if he was involved with someone else or is. what are his feelings now, will he try to reconcile?

  • Hello TarotNick,

    What you said has come to pass. I thought it was interesting that you mentioned money a couple of times and the tears definitely came.

    My husband was caught stealing from my dad and some of my deceased mother's jewelry. I know he's guilty, but feel someone else may be in on it as well. The police keep making excuses for this person that may be in on it without any concrete evidence. I've kind of sat back, watched and processed things. I haven't said anything about knowing things he's lied about because I've heard the police need him. I'll do that at times...just sit back, observe and process things. I've seen and heard enough and believe now is the time to speak up. This guy is a very shady person and a chronic liar. I have a strong feeling he's involved.

    I just want justice for my parents, especially my mother because she's not here to defend herself. Am I right in how I feel about this guy I think could be in on it?

    Anything you can pick up on will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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