Anyone like a reading?

  • Mediumistic/psychic reading on offer.

  • Yes, Thank You!

    I received a promotion at my job and I am still waiting to start working this different shift. .

    However, the supervisor has to find someone to replace me.

    Do you see that happening soon ? I am getting Very antsy, I don't want someone to steal my new position.

  • Thanks ST I've had to resort to cards as not getting anything. Devil/chariot/tower clarifier - fool

    The devil may be reflecting a current state of encumber, rut or trap, meanwhile the chariot in you is eager to move forward. The tower invited by the chariot's ambition will disrupt the energies of the confining devil and the dynamics of your current situation will change.

    The tower is yet to come but it's near future position which is promising to free you from the chains of your position and you're off into a new start and fresh cycle in the fool.

    All I can say is I can't see anything going wrong and believe your job is safe.

    With the fool your cards are leading you to a brand new start so I'd hedge my bets at nothing going wrong for you the position is safe, hope so and congrats.

  • Thank YOU! ! I am very glad to read this.

  • headincloud, Whatever you pick-up w/mediumship or a reading. I guess what spirit would like me to know.

  • Hi headincloud, whatever i should know at this moment in time...

    i should add i have found myslef in some problematic situation at work

    thank you for you offer:)

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  • Hi daliolite pulled star/emperor/hermit.

    There's healing in the star of damage to self esteem caused either by your father and/or your partner and you're growing ever more assertive, organized and steadfast as you shake it off. There may be no relationship presently with this person.

    The star focuses on a special gift which is marketable and wished for job (emp), in the hermit there may be some sort of delay of progress currently. Skills may include life coach or counsellor(hermit) but whatever you will you have your wish in time. Organization and discipline of the emperor may be cultivated as false beliefs fall away.

    You may be dreaming of someone you've put on a pedestal and they're ignoring you and worries about children my preoccupy your mind.

  • Hi moonalisa - emperor rx

    Dealing with authority is always difficult under that card rx and problems may manifest as a dominant male around us be it a colleague, partner or father and battles with officials are common. You likely feel powerless but this is not the time to rebel, instead try to contact your own need to control events and deal with any problems logically, which you seem to be doing.

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  • Hi alebrnz, temperance rx/magician rx/death

    Slight feeling of chaos here as there's imbalance when temperance reverses and it lies in the magician rx. When he's upright there's an ability to realize your dreams through productivity and he brings clarity and wisdom but he's being overthrown by the immoderate energy of temperance rx. There's a need to ground yourself and carefully watch your own behaviour for imbalances with your time, money and tendencies and your written work too may reflect this energy atm hence productivity may suffer. Possibly too much in your head and unable to ground your imagination into a workable format in a workable automated cyclic fashion.

    Death is the game changer and an end to the reversals in the near future as you crack the rx energy of temperance by studying the cards effect on you. Through self awareness, a game plan and temperate behaviour you're winning as the magician will right itself once you crack temperance.

    The magician showing up is reiterating your talent with communication and writing, the communication probably being channelling your work and the death card like the tower in your other spread tells us your writing has the potential to be profound like death and exciting or unnerving like the tower.

    So frustration and mild chaos then an end to it in death up way to productivity.

  • Hi dmic I'll come back to if I can get a link.

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  • You're welcome

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  • Hello. May i also ask, please.

    What is the perception of my students of me on the whole? Am i (my lessons) helpful or useful to them?

  • Hi. I'm hoping to make a career change to fly for the airlines. What do you see? Thanks!

  • Headincloud, Yes, given time and perseverance, drawing so that I can market my drawings. I was told as child that I wouldn't be able to sell my pictures (by father.) So, can relate. I get so much positive feedback--oohing and awing from people when they see my artwork. Had a friend ask my mom once...why do you hate her because they (parents) didn't encourage me more w/the art. So, for me, it's been a matter of acceptance of my ability (which has taken a long time.) W/the internet now it's also easier to see available jobs than when I was younger. Also, much more markets available. Thanks for your insight. People seem to get children when they read for me. There are teaching avenues I may go for. Thanks for the reading and the insight. Spirit seems to be acknowledging what I'm doing.

  • Hi marishkaa what a situation. I've done a spread but I'll come back later when I've got more time and go into detail, basically your students see you as the magician and the empress, the magician is skilled at helping others do their very best and the empress is above all a warm and loving character, however, the cross spread is not so wonderful but it's the staff. Would I be correct in saying you're considering throwing the towel in, I can see your self esteem is on the floor but it's a false perception so hold your horses. Catch you later.

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