Hi Captain!

  • Hi Captain!

    i had my eye exam and it went well or so i thought. my flight dr said i might not qualify for a waiver despite good vision. ugh. i was so hoping to get it. he said maybe i can do better ok his eye test. i really thought i was going to be an airline pilot. do u still see passing with flying colors and airline job?

  • Pilotguy, you are always worrying about your future. It shows you do not trust to be looked after. You have to stop living in fear and accept that, whatever happens, it is the best thing possible for you, even if it is not what you were hoping for. Otherwise, you will waste your time in an endless fear of life. Ask for what you need, not for what you want. Then relax and believe the best is coming to you.

  • You're correct and I feel I am slipping back into my old ways. It also seems I was wrong about not getting my physical, it'll just take a few months. I have to relax as you say. Old habits die hard. 🙂

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