Prayer Request

  • Hello everyone.

    My very good friend Jean was diagnosed today with ovarian cancer. Nothing is confirmed yet.

    All your prayers will be most welcome.

    Thank you all.

  • Hi Radiant,

    Am sorry to hear about your friend.

    Keeping her in my prayers.

    Do take care as well 🙂

  • sending healing prayers.

  • I am very so to read this this. I will keep your friend in my prayers.

  • Thank you all for your prayers.

    My friend is in great pain. She is leaving for the US on Sunday and being admitted in hospital on Tuesday. Surgery should be immediate.

    Blmoon, lovely card, so inspiring.

  • you've got it. done 🙂 Huge prayers for comfort, healing, strength and patience ❤

  • You have been on my mind Radiantsun!

  • Jean is having having surgery tomorrow, she will need all our prayers.

    With many thanks.

    Is there something you want to share Blmoon? I'll be writing on the other thread.

  • I got an email from my friend's husband saying that the big surgery could not be done because it would entail too much. She will undergo 9 weeks of chemo before the surgery,which will be followed by more chemo. The doctor characterized the cancer as very aggressive, but said they would be aggressive in response.

    I pray that she can tolerate the chemo and that there aren't too many side effects.

    With gratitude.

  • 🙂

  • I suspected the news was not as hopeful as could be. When cancer invades too large an area it can spread faster with too large a surgery so it's a hard decision to hope chemo shrinks the cancer first. She will need the strength of others. She is a smart woman and knows too much. It's hard for her to lose control to this. Ovarian cancer is a tough one....yet there has been successful treatments recently. I wish I could say all will be fine but I am not hearing that at the moment. What I get is this is going to be a real fight. With up and downs. Disappointments and rallies. She needs others now more than ever. The chemo is going to be a challenge. She will get through it but not without a real fight. There will be days she will lose her will to fight. The 7th week will reach a breaking point but some progress will show up. Please do not share this with her....this is just for you. You can help by praying and also envisioning the cancer dying. I'm sure Spirit will give me more as this plays out. What I see now is a calling on her behalf of healing hands surrounding her. They surround her bed and all have their hands on her. A mother figure strokes her hair. Hang on to that vision! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much for this reading Blmoon, and for that vision. It seems that the only way I can help her - other than pray - is by writing to her in French, it takes her mind off the physical situation.

    What I find extraordinary is that she had an ultrasound in March and everything was fine... She has been carrying the weight of the whole family and her useless selfish husband - whom she adores. She had been very worried lately with her daughter's marriage, and other members of the family with their problems. Everybody has always leaned on her and she felt responsible for them all. I hope they now they finally realise that she has needs too... a bit late. She is being treated at a hospital in Phoenix which is very reputed for cancer, maybe you know about it. She is such a good person.

  • 🙂

  • I'm glad you spoke your truth about your friend as we big hearted sensitive caregivers need to digest this reality. In our youth we can endure and give give give but there will be a payday. When you get to an age where the weight is overwhelming and you feel yourself becoming more invisible as your needs go unanswered you risk your health. Jean needs the energy touch of big hearted others like her. She indeed deserves a miracle! At least restful nurturing care. I send you love dear Jean and thank you for being a reminder we must advocate for ourselves in a healthy selfish LOVING way. May all your loved ones step up and take responsibility for themselves and no longer burden you. May they appreciate the jewel you are and treat you with loving touch. AMEN!

  • That is a beautiful prayer Blmoon, may it be heard and answered. I have not heard from Jean herself at all. I write to her and send her pictures. Hope she will write back sole time. I would like to know how she is bearing the treatment.

  • She is in a place of receiving so not odd for her to respond. She is forced into it....otherwise she is by nature very considerate and always thinking of others....she is a thankful person! Right now she must let others shower her with attention and caring and thankfulness for all the love she gathered. She is not built for that! She thinks all she does is no big deal and to be expected from a good wife, friend, mother etc. She is having a rough ride and is curled up inside herself just trying to get through this. The chemo is brutal and seeing that has not brought out the best in her husband.....not that he's being cruel but he is scared and suffering the fear of his world collapsing as he knew it. She needs him to man up but it's hard for him to humble himself off that pedestal. She has always been the strong one as far as endurance but she has a very fragile side to her being that has not gotten recognized. Just because she never asked or demanded doesn't mean it made it not real. He must get it......and fast. Seeing her so weak hopefully will burst his self serving bubble. The one big power she has is endurance......AND she has reaped seeds of love that now come to her side. None of the prayers go to waste! BLESSINGS!

  • I got an email from Jean today. After the surgery she was so weak and all was so difficult that they couldn't do the chemo. Luckily she has a very strong and determined doctor who had them get her rehydrated and strengthened, and they could start the chemo. She feels good after the chemo and is improving and getting stronger. Her family seems to be around her as much as possible. They rented an apartment near the hospital which they have all decorated for Christmas to make it more like home. She has five hours chemo once a week. This is what you prayed for Blmoon, and she seems to have the right doctor. Some days she goes out for a walk, others she just sleeps. She lovescmy messages, they make her laugh or smile... I am so happy she tolerates the chemo well and it actually makes her feel good.

    Jean still needs all our prayers. Thank you.

  • Sending healing prayers to Jean.

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