How does a psychic help with relationship issues?

  • I went to a psychic yesterday and she gave me a very accurate reading on what was going on with my husband that just moved out. She said that she could work with us to get us back together and I was wondering if anyone has had a positive experience with a psychic helping them in love? What do they do? How well does it work?

  • Femscorp,

    I guess this would depend on the psychic.Myself and I am only speaking for myself here.I would never step into the realm of marriage counciling,Regardless of what I have picked up between my client and their readings.I also will admit that relationships are not one of the issues I care to handle as a psychic.I enjoy working more with the souls and helping the lost and grieving.

    However since I also work in a therapy field occasionally I can offer up what information we have used in the past..

    First since she is reading your energies she does have an inside track to offering aid..When one has that information then they can work more with the two of you about communication so that both of you can be open and talk about the issues that have been brought forth.She can also use some of her own energy if she desires to mediate the two of you pushing to bring your problems up much quicker.She can also help with emotional cleansing and several others areas if she has that knowledge..However this can also back fire if she proceeds with say you and your husband and she sticks more so to your side,or, your husband is not fully open to having someone like this in his life may take it as an intrusion into your lifes..I find men are less likely to appreciate this dropped into their life.

    I am not going to go into to much depth, but I pick up that the two of you need to work on your issues independently.If I was going to work with the two of you I would start out with you both as individuals.Not together in a session.I say this because your husband has other issues in his life and energy that he needs to work through before the two of you can work through your own..You yourself also have a couple of little traits that you need to work on as an individual that do not click as well with him...By doing your own personal work it allows the the person mediating the two of you to focus on the two of you not your issues,,

    However keep this in mind,, NO ONE no matter how psychic or a even an educated marriage therapist can put your relationship back together for the two of you. There is no magic from the other side or the metaphysical world that can do this for you.No magic wands.. Notta.. The only ones who can do this is the TWO of you and it is not about what a psychic can or cannot do as a mediator for you,, It is about BOTH of you doing the hard work from with in your selves and then working together through the love and light.Using the new virtues you both should be learning from your separation..

    Not sure if this is the answer to your question but it may give you a start of what to think about.I know every psychic has their own experiences and talents..What I write is only from my perspective.Perhaps there are others here who have experienced a psychic working as a marriage mediator who can tell you their results

    I wish you well on your journey,



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