In gratitude to Saint Michael

  • The following pictures show a statue of Saint Michael on the roof of the most beautiful church in the world, which king the IX of France (Saint Louis) had built to house the relics of Jesus Christ like the Crown of Thorns, La Sainte-Chapelle (The Holly Chapel), watching over the town of Paris and its people.

    With gratitude to you, glorious Saint Michael, for centuries of protecting and defending my city and my country.

    I am humbly thankful to you for protecting and defending my home, my loved ones and all who appeal to you in truth with gratitude.

    “When we appeal to St. Michael, the Devil steps back before his personal enemy.  »

    Saint Michael is the Guardian Angel of the Sovereign Pontiff and the Church.

    Over the centuries France has been the Shield of the Church, and Saint Michael is the Protector of France.

    He appeared to Joan of Arc in 1424. Before her judges, she gave a very precise description of him.

    “He had the form of a very true valiant Knight!

    • Was he naked?

    • Do you think Our Lord had nothing in which to clothe him?

    • Did he have hair?

    • And why would they have cut it  ?… no, I do not know if he has hair. He had wings on his

    shoulders, but no crown on his head.  »

    • She insisted  :

    • «  I saw him with the eyes of my body, just as I see you… I saw him with my corporal eyes.  »

    • Why is Joan so sure that she has seen Michael  ? Because he introduced himself  :

    «  I am Michael, the protector of France.  »

  • Two pictures of the inside of this most wonderful Royal Chapel, La Sainte-Chapelle.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  • This chapel is on two levels. The picture stained glass is on the higher level.

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  • Wow! Radiant Sun! What beautiful pictures! I love cathedrals and architecture! I would love to visit this place one day! Do you live in France?

  • Hi BlMoon! I love this statue! Archangel Michael is my favorite! I have asked him to be with me and the kids to keep us safe, especially when I am driving. Have a blessed day!

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