Sweet Dream

  • I had a dream about a baby almost a year old in a walker. I knelt down to him & he touched my face with both hands & kissed me & said "hi sissy". I have two interpretations of this dream. I am so interested in your ideas of this dream. Love & Blessings ~ D

  • I see progress in balancing your yin and yang. The male energy is growing and is becoming a protector. The show of love and tenderness is representing those first steps of trusting the male energy in you. That you are more confident of not being afraid of anger or power. Dreams of babies are generally positive dreams of positive changes. BLESSINGS! ps...If you have a brother who passed it could be a literal visitation of love and a promise of guidance right now. In that case it could be both!

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  • I think you got two blessings......a loving hello from your brother validating that he he has been watching over you....and asserting yourself and choosing the horse is definitely a bold choice...perfect! I'm happy for you! As for the dog named sissy.....I love when serendipity is in play! How clever that it represented a sister hello and a pet. Horses can be very healing animals. I feel you have been asking yourself how you found such a joyful creature.........your brother answered.BLESSINGS!

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