Scorpio ex ignoring me

  • Hi was with my scorpio for 6 months when we where together it was amazing he was so interested in me when we where apart at weekends he would ignore messages. We started to argue every weekend about it then one day he just started ignoring me it's been a week and after talking almost every day for 6 months it's hard. I msg saying sorry that I'm here and I'd like to meet for coffee and talk so it's left on good terms he ignored it. I live near him so I'm sure he sees me around do you think that would make him miss me? Don't know what to do next please help ..

  • I feel he has another involvement, maybe even another family.

  • No I really don't think that he was with me every day iv been to his house loads and he lives just down the road

  • He might live down the road, but I feel he is seeing someone else at their place.

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