Moon50 please if you are still around...

  • Hi moonalisa, I'm going fine at the moment. The move has been a real challenge, and there's a small voice saying this move will show me who my real friends are, and so far, that's proved right.

    As for work, nothing yet, but I'm still trying. I admit to feeling very unsettled though; like there is no real structure to my life. Maybe that's because my life's always been ruled by work up until the last year or so lol!

    Sounds like your friend has his mind on a million things lately ...

  • Hi Moon:), so nice to hear from you again.:) Hm, challenging moments always show the real faces of people around us. The masks come off and there is no pretending any more... i am also currently going through challenging time at work. You were right, i should have quit. i am much stronger than in the past, still the whole fuss costs me a lot. Fortunately am starting a break next week so will have a rest from all this...

    Just be patient Moon and keep trying, something will come your way eventually. Maybe there is a purpose behind it all, maybe now is the moment you can just stop and devote more time to yourself, nurture yourself more.:)

    The birthday mail (from over a month ago back) was the last mail i got from my friend. i think it's better he does not write any more as no matter how much i would lie to myself he is still more than a friend to me and i know that whatever there was between us is a closed chapter for him and it should be.

    i am happy you are fine Moon.:) Thanks for letting me know how things are going.:)

  • Moon50, Happy New Year to you dear, may all your dreams come true and all your goals be achieved...:)

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