Moon50 please if you are still around...

  • Moon, there is something i need to know. Me and my male friend, who i have known for a couple of years, renewed contact two weeks ago after a longer break. We exchanged a few mails and out of a sudden the contact stopped without any apparent reason... i have mixed feelings, it has never happened before. i do not know if he's decided he does not want to have this contact any more or if something's happened that does not allow him to write... what's going on?

  • What happened last time you stopped talking to each other? I'm wondering if he simply got nostalgic, and wanted to know if your interest was still there; like he was casting around for someone who still cared. I feel he's in a bit of a funk at the moment and is doubting a lot about his life and the people in it.

    I'm not sure why he's not writing to you anymore to be honest. I can't really get anything much except the word "glitch". Glitch and I get a sense of him sitting thinking about a whole heck of a lot. Cast your eye over this recent contact and see if there's anything you said to him, that could've been taken the wrong way.

    Other than that, I feel he's a very contemplative, careful sort of guy who isn't always sure where to put his feet, for want of a better term.

    I don't think he's decided he doesn't want anymore contact, but I'm now getting the words "doubtful" and "hesitant".

    I'm sorry, because I don't think any of this is much help to you!

  • You have been helpful Moon, thanks. He was more than a friend but it was a long distance relation without a possibility of making it real. There was no argument... it just got too overwhelming for both of us perhaps. i didn't know the real him and he didn't know the real me. I sometimes miss him:) but am sometimes not sure if what i miss is the ideal of a man i myself created or a real person...

    Moon, would like to ask you one more question but prefer to ask first if you don't mind...

  • I saw this last night and almost answered but then felt Moon was going to answer. I got kind of the same vibe. I felt he just went through a breakup of some kind....or a big argument that turned into a big impasse and it dragged into a lonely down and lost he reached out to you. Then he realized some things about himself.....and his relationship pattern. He is dealing with himself right now and can no longer just depend on others to distract him from growing. The party he was at an impasse with has returned but really he needs to deal with his safety issues. He has no in-between....he wants safe distance or safe nothing....but can not really be joyful with either. He is stuck and knows something must change.

  • Ask away!

    And I'm glad Blmoon validated what I'd said because I was kinda thinking it didn't make much sense lol!

  • Thank you Blmoon for your comment too. My cards showed some hurtful experience. i was afraid something bad might have happened to him, that he would just disappear and i wouldn't know... a thought which has often haunted me especially when we were close. He tends to withdraw into his shell when depressed but so far has always told me when he needed space. From what you say he contacted me because he just wanted a friendly soul around and needed some comforting words, right?

    I hope he will find his peace...

  • Yes.....and his ego was needy as he wasn't expecting the person who had enough of his disappearing act and blocked any contact from him. At first he pumped up his "I don't need anybody" lie he tells himself but it wore off. He is not ok with needing anyone. You were born a care strive to make people feel better. He enjoyed the connection but then the fear sets in. He has a lot to work out. He prefers women who do not question or demand too much. He is a contradiction in himself . When he's ready, he needs a woman who risks calling him out when he is making excuses. His depressions act as a care taker attraction.......good hearted caring people are drawn TO HIM. He gets to stay safe in his relationships.......others start seeing him as fragile and this does not help. We all have moods and fears to manage. He should not get away with being coddled. He tends to hide when others give him some accountability advice. Woe is the person who feels in love with him as they will tire of pleasing him and fearing his ability to disconnect on a dime. He is starting to see his pattern but is not able to change over night.

  • Moon, my question is work-related. i have not been feeling secure in my job for a few years. My 'company' is downsizing. In May my boss will want me to sign a document in which i agree to have the number of working hours reduced. i already did it in the past and i don't think it should be me this time again so i am not going to agree to that. The problem is i might be made redundant if i do, that's why i am hesitant... My question is: do you see unfavourable consequences if i decide to do what i am planning.

    and another one: is there a possibility of my company to be closed down in the future...

  • Blmoon, what does he expect from me? what are his intentions? because i am a bit confused... what is my role in all this?

  • Hi moonalisa,

    My initial thoughts are redundancy might be your best option here. You have said you don't feel secure in this job, and know that downsizing is happening. And why should you agree to reduced pay yet again?

    I do see you feeling a bit insecure in taking redundancy, but try not to panic. You will find something else and have some money left over from your redundancy package to put away for a rainy day.

    This company is going down the toilet. I feel it'll go into liquidation or similar in 2018.

    HOpe this helps!

  • Grateful for your reply Moon. For some time I have been feeling the place is dying so to speak, in fact there have been signs but i was hoping things would stabilize somehow... anyway, it's time to look around for something else to give food on the table. Not happy news i must admit. Thanks Moon, hope you'll still visit here.:)

  • One day, one day lol! At the moment our monetary resources are very low and so are our spirits. We took an overnight trip to where we're moving back to so we could take some of our stuff there and have a look at the place.

    Well, the driveway is very long and very rough after recent rain. The owner said he'd fix it for us, but as it is, it's nearly impassable for an ordinary car. The house itself, on the plus side, is wonderful, although very dirty and a few things need fixing in it. I'm hoping again, that the owner will do something about this before we move in, otherwise, we'll be scrubbing shelves, etc., before we can even put things away anywhere.

    So, it seems to be lukewarm news all round lately! I know redundancy isn't a wonderful option, unless you opt for it yourself, but more often than not - so I hear - it provides the person taking it, with a way of resting for a while, and looking for something they really want to do.

    Yes, food needs to be on the table. For some reason though, people like us seem to be faced with a very difficult financial position. For me and my partner, we can't see a way around it. We want to move, but can't because we can't afford it at the moment, and I still have two weeks of work yet.

    I'm really over struggling so much for a dollar and feeling trapped, for want of a better word. It's just getting a wee bit old!!

    I'm sure things will be brighter soon, but as someone said to me the other day, sometimes things will go rock bottom in order to climb back up.

    Now where's that harness ... ?!

    I wish you luck with your choices. Make them carefully and wisely, and you'll reap the benefits.

    Something I should've done before I left my little town a year ago ...

  • I'm sure things will turn out fine for you Moon. Just stay positive. You are coming back to the place and people you love so it cannot be otherwise... Now there is a special task for you to do:), to make the house you are moving into your unique place on earth, to make you feel really at home there again.:)

    Yeah, i know struggling with financial problems can stand in the way to realising our dreams and often does not let us fully enjoy life. We all need to feel secure. You can always start doing readings Moon and charge for them before you find something else, you are really good.

    I wish you all the best, may your life in your old, NEW:) place bring you many happy moments.:)

  • Thank you moonalisa. With all the stress of quitting my job, have my pay cycles change unbeknownst to me - they say this face was "advertised" in emails which I never saw - and other things, I'm getting pretty tired and nervous lol! It all seems to be chaotic and unpredictable and I'm finding it hard to go with the flow.

    We both love the house; it's just the access into it that's such a bugbear. We may be stranded there lol! The owner will fix it, I'm sure he will, because if he doesn't we won't have any visitors because it's basically impassable the way it is. Oh well ... sometimes those things that end up really worth it can be difficult to start with 🙂

    I think you'll feel freed once you take redundancy. It's not a very secure thing to not have a guaranteed income, but this will give you a chance to find something else in an environment where you'll be appreciated rather than flogged and you'll be very glad this happened.

    Onwards and upwards! I just need some sleeeeep ... these early starts at work are killing me when I've done afternoons and nights for weeks grrrr lol!

  • How is your work situation going? I wasn't sure if you'd seen this later post of mine above, so thought I'd post up again to see how it's going. I'm feeling that you're in the process of taking redundancy, but also that something else has arisen that is causing you doubt.

    The term "wolf in sheep's clothing" has sprung up here, and I believe you're being cautioned not to believe something that seems too good to be true. Read between the lines before you leap and accept.

    Don't know if this makes sense?

  • Thanks Moon for your concern, i have been thinking about you too.:) Soon the move will be over and you'll be able to take a deep breath finally:) and rest. What's important you are where you like to be and that leaving the old place does not cause pain in your heart...i have always had problems with adjusting to change, any change even for the better. it's usually a slow process for me.:)

    The work situation leaves me feeling a bit down. i can feel everything crumbling. My boss does not deserve our respect. We are learning more and more about his dishonest practises. It is my first and only job so far. i've been working for 19 years in this place, have gone through lots of ups and down so saying goodbye, even though i also feel it would be the best thing to do, is not easy. To be honest i am terrified. haha In my town there are not many chances i will find something but i have a flat 50km away from where i am so i will probably be looking for something there. Just do not know in which direction to turn...

    My friend hasn't written back so far. i have sent him a few mails but no reply, maybe i am being too pushy... i have a feeling he does not intend to maintain the contact which makes me so sorry. i think i know what could have caused this silence. In my last mail i told him i feel happy and in harmony with myself and the outside world now and would not like to change anything. He may have understood i do not need him in my life any more. i miss him Moon, don't know why but i do...

    Tell me how is the move going on?:) are any improvements to the road being done?

  • Full moon around the corner! Sometimes in the powerful light of the full earlier planted seed shows itself! BLESSINGS!

  • sounds mysterious but promising...:)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Moon, i was wondering how life is going for you? i saw your post a few days ago so you are still around... I think I am more and more ready to accept what is coming my way. Watergirl gave me a short reading where she mentions huge transformation. My own readings indicate the same... the death card appears repeatedly. Today i am not in the best kind of moods... have just received a short mail from my male friend with birthday wishes (a week earlier, with a card addressed: 'happy birthday daughter':)), which makes me doubt he devoted much attention to it.:) but i understand more important things may be on his mind. Hope things are fine in your life... if you have a moment write please how is your job search and move going...

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