Cancer man needs space

  • Im a bit confused and looking for some help here. Im a november sag a couple of days from the cutoff and he is a june cancer a couple of days from the cutoff. This mans actions have been screaming that he is no longer in love with me. However 2 weeks ago he asked for space. I havent respected that as i think once something is broken- break or break up- its broken and time to move on regardless of whether or not i love them. So today i ended up breaking up with him- apologizing for not respecting his space and for whatever malicious things flew out of my mouth. He responded with i really cant just give him space? Can someone please explain to me why a Cancer wouldnt just agree to a final breakup and is requesting space instead? And if it was that he was just trying to make me break up with him- which i did- why he wouldnt just accept that?

  • Additionally he has told me he is not making any promises. Additionally he has said he is not planning on dating anyone at the moment.

  • Well, as a Cancer female I can say that we Cancers like our routine and home life to be smooth and no drama. We don't like chaos or someone who can't chill and relax at home. We don't want to "go out" all the time clubbing or to bars generally, once in a while is ok but not every weekend all the time. We prefer to get to know someone in depth, and are not interested in someone who is not capable of assignment writing service uk

    having deep communications or feelings, if your holding back we know it and wonder why. If you keep holding back and not giving us the emotional depth we seek we will move on and consider you untrust worthy. We are VERY intuitive and just KNOW things sometimes, kind of like a gut feeling and we generally listen to our gut feelings. If we love you we do so with all our being 100% ! We are very loyal and expect that same thing in return. Hope this gives you a little insight to the mind and heart of a Cancer person.

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