Taurus Girl Clueless About Cancer Guy

  • Hello everyone, I am really new to this forum, and need help with a Cancer Man I'm pining over. I've read a lot of great, insightful threads on this site about taurus and cancer pairings, and knowing about cancers in love. But the thing is, I'm not in a relationship with this Cancer man. We've met in college a couple years ago, and worked together until we graduated last year. We're such a good team, the feelings I have for him are intense. Never have I met someone who made me want to always be with him. We are like the same person, which I love because there is hardly anyone I can relate to completely but him. He is patient, understanding, reliable.. just being with him puts me at ease. And he's so cuddly, I just want to hug him forever!!

    But, he's so confusing!! There are moments when it seems like he likes me as more than a colleague, and other times when it looks like he doesn't. I've caught him staring at me, and at time checking me out, talking sweetly to me, and giving me loving smiles he doesn't give to others. Then he's just aloof, and treating my like everyone else. I'm always the one that contacts him first, and he always replies. Throughout our whole time of knowing each other for almost 3 years, He has only contacted me 3 times, only for help. He is actually like this to everyone else he knows besides his family, but I can't help but think there is one special girl he always contacts first. It's been several months since we talked, but I wanted to see if he would contact me, but he never did. Now I'm losing hope and assuming that he didn't ever like me, although there are threads that mention cancers are usually shy and don't initiate due to fear of rejection and others say cancers do initiate if they like you. Maybe I was going too fast on him? Is that why he's shying away because cancers don't like to be pushed or approached directly? Usually I take all the time I want, but somehow time was going weird on me because of college(3 weeks felt like 3 months!). I tried going sideways on him, asking if he wanted to eat out with me a couple times because I have no one else to go with and he agreed every time.

    Why doesn't he ever contact me? The practical Taurus in me is saying that it's obvious he doesn't like me, or just really busy. But I feel like there's more to that--like is he just insecure, or maybe just waiting for the right time. I did say in a group setting where he was involved that I wasn't interested in a relationship until I was finally getting my life together. And knowing cancers and their great memory, he's holding off because of that?

    He has been hurt before, I believe. He mentioned that he used to have a girlfriend. He never calls her "an ex" but "my old girlfriend from back then". I get the feeling he's not over her, it was several years ago when they broke up, and they were together for I think 5 to 7 years.

    Anyway, I think I'm at fault with this as well. There were times when I'm sweet and loving to him, and other times when I'm not but secretly am. I want to tell him personally that I like him, but I want to be sure that he likes me as well. I don't want to show someone I really like them, only to get burned in the end like it was nothing. Is there anyone who can help me move things further with this Cancer man? Should I just be open about my interest in him completely? Should I take my time and contact him first like I always did and hope? Or is this just a hopeless cause and I should move on? I feel like I know what to do, but I'm lost at the same time..

  • Time is passing - you have known this guy for almost 3 years. You have to take a shot and ask him if he is interested in you romantically. I can see how you could come across as confusing to him, what with declaring 'that I wasn't interested in a relationship until I was finally getting my life together' and you 'asking if he wanted to eat out with me a couple times because I have no one else to go with!' Just front him and put yourself out of your misery - and maybe his. Yes, you face possible rejection but at least you will know whether there is hope or if you should just move on. At the moment you are going nowhere, stuck like a fly in amber. Just be honest with him that you would like more than friendship.

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