Cancer man broke up with me, any chance things would get sorted out?

  • I was with a cancer for 7 years and I always felt like he was the one. I felt like I could count on him for anything. I thought he was my best friend. I thought he would always be there for me. We both assumed we would get married one day and always casually talked about or future together. We did have rare fights, but not as bad as other couples. He would always tell me that I was the only girl he wanted to be with and could talk to and be himself with and how there was no other girl that even compared with me. I felt we were soulmates, and still do. The day before things ended, I was discussing with him that we need to talk seriously and had a fight, but it wasn't that bad. We haven't spoken since the 3rd of January. I tried talking to him but he ignored me, I knew he was serious in breaking up. I also knew he wasn't going to want to talk to me at all after that. When he broke up with me he told me he swears to god that he really loves me but he needs space. It's been 86 days and he doesn't want to talk to me at all, he even blocked me from Facebook. He hadn't told his family or best friend yet until I told them. And everybody keeps telling me I should move on because it's clear that he doesn't love me anymore. But most of the time I feel like we're still together and he just doesn't want to talk to me right now. I feel like if I give him space he will come back, because from the bottom of my heart I feel like we're soulmates. I try to tell myself that it's over and to move on but I can't. Because I can't help it no matter how much I try I still feel like he loves me. What should I do?

  • He didn't give you proper closure - to me, that makes him an emotional coward. Cancer men often just run to avoid emotional scenes. Stop wasting your time with this immature guy - he is not the ideal soulmate you imagine he is. Stop dreaming and see him for the flawed man he really is. Expect better treatment for yourself. Otherwise this situation will destroy your self-esteem and self-respect.

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