How to read this tarot cards?

  • I am new in tarot reading and wondering how to read these tarot cards, I'm choosing between two woman - one woman is my wife and we live for 12 years together and with second / new women I know and live with for last 2 years.

    My question was - "How my relationship with this women will look like?"

    My wife' cards:

    1. Six of Coins (upside down / reversed)

    2. Four of Swords

    3. Knight of Wands

    My second wife's cards:

    1. Six of Cups (upside down / reversed)

    2. Ace of Cups (upside down / reversed)

    3. Page of Coins (upside down / reversed)

    (note - yes, all cards were reversed / upside down...)

    I have some assumptions but I'm now sure how to read upside down cards. There are many interpretations how to do read these cards, ignore them etc.

    Please give me some advice, thank you in advance.

  • So they are both your wife? Isn't that illegal? Is this an ex-wife and current wife or a wife and a girlfriend?

    I am getting that there is a child or children involved. This could be literal or just point to someone's behavior.

    Venus is retrograde right now so it's not a good time to act. This is a time to reflect about the situation, what you have, what you want, why, etc.

    So I would ask yourself why there is a choice to be made here? What are you choosing between and why?

  • must be a UTAH post! haha! A tarot card pulling polygamist? April fools?

  • Yeah, that's the "child" I was getting, but I was being nice just in case, haha!

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