TarotNick, i need your help, do you still do readings.

  • Hello TarotNick.

    May i ask again for you reading, please?

  • Hi Marishkaa,

    your emotions are all over the place... need to control them

    with that a sadness

    your trying to hold onto something

    be strong and you will be ok

    there will be pleasure

    but you have to fight, not just get by...a feeling of giving up or I don't care

    Use your intuition...trust it

    after the struggle you will let out your breath...a sigh

    there will be some success...but it feels empty

    Your not seeing the big picture

    If you keep that sadness you will let it over come you...so fight it...look at what is making you sad and chip away at it...other wise you let it win... so don't let it

    hope that helps,


  • Nick, thank you very much.

    Do you mean that i should fight my sadness or should i fight for what i am holding onto now? Or should i let it go?

    And you said tgat success feels empty - i will not be happy even if i succeed?

  • Marishkaa,

    The sadness you have to fight...I get the feeling if you just give into to it...you let yourself go deeper.

    What your holding onto...this line was the key..."Use your intuition...trust it" which way that is you know deep down...


  • Nick, thank you!

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