TarotNick, i need your help, do you still do readings.

  • Hello TarotNick, could you do a reading please. I've just known about health issues, and worried. What do you get?

  • I'll pick up on your feelings, but I need a few days... in between stuff

  • thank you, TarotNick.

  • For you,

    your only listening to what someone is telling you, you need to look deeper... look for what and why

    happiness, something works out

    Let it happen you can't rush it...need patience, not good to rush you miss something

    you will have a breath, like a little sigh...wooo I can do it... it will help and I can keep going

    there is something that is freezing you, a fear causing you to stop.. look to why and don't let it get you

    good is coming, like a lifting of a burden or pressure

    a guy that seems nice but look behind the curtin, even though he has engery its not always used for good

    your worried about a tough woman, be wary not to cross her

    your in wander mode, start and stoping things not completing them

    someone is not being truthful and it is going to cause friction

    a woman watching out... like a protection...a good feeling of warmth

    Hope that helps,


  • Nick, hello, thank you very much.

    Something is hapenning with me, i am waiting for examinations, diagnose. I am reading a lot on the internet and i am scared.

    You reading seems to suggest to calm? And do you mean that i should be careful with that guy and a tough woman, can they heart me?

  • The feeling I got was you will be fine, just need to look deeper to what and why.

    The guy appears nice but something about him, keep an eye out and the lady you will run into...she wants things her way... not hurtful but going to be pain to deal with. You also had someone nice looking out for you, so breath slow and deep and you will be fine.

  • Nick, thank you very much for your reading and support.

  • Nick, i was thinking about your words "your only listening to what someone is telling you, you need to look deeper... look for what and why"

    and tried to understand. Does that mean that i should be suspicious about what the doctors are telling me?

  • May I add to Nicks good advice. You have a constant war inside yourself.....as if you are two people. What you are capable of when you do not succumb to fear is a strong gifted woman. But there is the wounded you. You have a history of fearing you are not normal enough....that you do not measure up and you even fear you are not worth looking at. You're thinking becomes very wrapped up in yourself......are you too fat? Too thin? You question your body.....judge yourself harshly. I feel a great sadness for you....and want to hug you like a scared child and take you somewhere where you can be so focused outside yourself that you feel joy and radiate inner beauty! There is a part of you that has a hard time with joyful freedom.....as if it has a price....you don't want to go there for fear something bad has to happen. Often children with great light are born into families that fear such power and the child dims their self to keep the peace. They feel the judgement their power gets and it carries into adulthood as a HABIT. You need to get out of your head when fear starts building in your head. Go outside in nature and let your world expand.....you are not that little girl anymore that must make herself small.....expand......feel safe......make peace with your body......your smile is enough to light others with healing. Stop looking in the internet for bad things to be. Get out of your head trapped with fears.....use your energy to DO joyful....meaningful things. Create.....clean....decorate.......ACTIONS. Break the habit of childhood stillness and hiding your true power! Feel safe. You are protected and love....no matter the bump in the rode.....this too shall pass! Use this mantra when your fear starts racing......IT IS SAFE TO FEEL GOOD....IT IS GOOD TO FEE SAFE. ........it works! Repeat long enough to clear your mind of other thoughts. It works like meditation. BLESSINGS! You are a shining star......not to be dimmed!

  • The feeling was like you were being yessed, or it was what you wanted to hear so you didn't go any further...when that happens you don't see the back story or what it took you to get there, so I said look deeper and understand the what and why

  • Nick, thank you. I understand what you meant.

  • Blmoon, thank you too for the support. You are right, the war is really present inside me, and i try to control my emotions, am afraid to be happy or feel joy, question my body as i have troubles with skin (but now i met with another problem) generally , do not feel confident. And in general it is true, i almost constantly sad, actions usually really help. Thank you.

  • Thank you.....and you will be ok!

  • thank you once again)

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    Just thinking of you! You are still perfect! choose love! BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon thank you very much for your encouragement, i need such words.

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