Just quit job.... need advice

  • I just quit my job and I feel relieved and yet terrible I ended it in on bad terms with my bosses boss. He was in disbelief when I said I would put in my 2 weeks and wanted me to stay, but I'm emotionally checked out of the company. When I called him again to see if I could end my 2 weeks earlier if they didn't need me, we got into a heated argument because I was upset at the company. He ended up hanging up the phone first and I felt our relationship went sour when it was always spectacular before. I still would like to use him as my reference in the future and texted him an apology the following day since he was busy with his boss. He texted back "I wish you the best of luck".... but I can't tell if he's still upset.

    Is he still upset? Over it? Done with me? Doesn't even care? I would still like to keep him as a close contact but afraid he's just turned off and never wants anything to do with me anymore... I have a major attraction to him and don't want to lose him...

    I am also applying for jobs... does anyone see what type of industry I will be working for and when the next career will start?

  • He cares a lot but his hands are tied now. Now he has to deal with pleasing his boss. If you truly were close he will cool down but consider that bridge burned. It is what it is. If you have any other positive friends in that company it would help if you got a short but positive written reference from them for your resume to smooth over any negative calls to the company. Only give positive references and phone numbers. Avoid the bosses numbers. Calling and asking to be relieved of two weeks notice hurt you......that's considered unprofessional. But try not to beat yourself up.....we have all been there. It just means you waited too long with your discomfort...let the breaking point happen. Wait for a cooling off then bite the bullet and send both bosses a written apology for your behavior stating you regret behaving unprofessional and realize you let your emotions take precedent and you regret not setting up an earlier meeting to address your complaints calmly instead of letting yourself reach a heated breaking point. Tell them it wasn't personal and you have always had respect for their leadership....so much that you feared coming to them with your current dissatisfaction.

  • Airespiscesaquarius, My thoughts are to remember that this is a job and not so much a personal relationship. I'm sure there are reasons why you wanted to leave and cut short your time. Hopefully where you're going is better. Remember (the new place)is a job, as well. If you were a good employee while there, you will probably get a good reference. I think people actually "get it" and realize that things happen. Circumstances and reasons are different w/the situation. The last job I quit and thanked them (in writing) for the opportunity and told them I had taken another job. I gave a week notice. I haven't always given a notice and hasn't affected my references. Sometimes they'll say that you can't return w/o a notice. I've returned to a job that I didn't give a notice to. Trust your feelings and do your best. Jobs will come and go.

  • Hello Daliolite, good to see you back.:)

  • Thank you Blmoon and Daliolite for your insight as always. Good news, I locked down the job I wanted at a competitor company that has a higher title, better pay, and flexible scheduling. I couldn't be happier to start next month. I haven't reached out to my former bosses boss yet, and plan to do so after I start my new job in May. I don't think he will be too thrilled I'm working with our competitor now, but I still want to take him out to lunch as a thank you for getting me the experience I needed that landed me in this current role. Any idea how the lunch will go, or if he even accepts my offer?

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  • Congrats on the new job!!! Good for you! Go forward now and stay out of the past. I had suggested earlier you may want to send your bosses a very professional note for the record. But I do not get a good feeling about the lunch invite. You need to move on.And he will consider your offer as a chance to rub his nose in your luck with a better job. Specially, since you did not extend the olive branch by writing him that letter of apology. That would have been the time to smooth over the blowup and express your appreciation. I get the vibe you are not being honest about your true intention. You do not see him as just a boss You have an attraction to this man. I think the fact you KNOW he will not be happy you went to their competitor reveals mixed intentions. If you know that will irk him that you can't have magical thinking about having a lovely lunch. Be happy with future possibilities and if he misses you eventually, he knows how to reach you. I know you are headstrong and can be impatient to make things happen....not always a negative thing. But in this case.....if you spring this lunch date on him I feel strongly you will regret it. BLESSINGS!

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