I Would Like Some Guidance, Please~!

  • Hello! I was wondering if any Psychics here could help me. I am an awakening Empath, I know this for a fact, but I was also wondering if I have other abilities as well. I sometimes get a feeling of Deja Vu, and I sometime have very weird dreams. Apparently I'm good at giving massages as well, and a friend once told me that I possibly might have the ability to give pleasure or pain just by touching, but I think this might be part of my Empath abilities.

    I also have heard that there are indicators of Psychic ability in birth charts. I could provide my birth chart of review if whoever wants to help me would like to look at it.

    If anyone could help me with some insight and guidance, I'd greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance~!

  • Personally I believe we all have all types of psychic ability, but that we tend to 'specialise' or home in on just one or two aspects of the whole. But I think being spiritual is more important than being psychic.

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